Houses for sale by owner : why would you still choose to pay for advertising?

vendre ma maison euros       So you’re about to buy a house in France – or sell one –, and you’re there, staring in awe at the multitude of free solutions offered on the Internet. From the biggest actors on the market, some of them making millions of daily connections, to the smallest, personal websites that offer just one house or apartment, there is much to choose from when it comes to offering or searching for real estate in France. But despite this profusion of “zero Euro” offers, there are numerous services that demand a fee to connect buyers to sellers, or landlords to tenants. In this context, where most services are free, what is the interest of paying?

Firstly, if there is something to paying for a service, the fee remains very reasonable in comparison to the price of the properties offered. For example, Immogo proposes two different Continue Reading

Moving to Europe from the USA… why would ya?

Achat-immobilierWhereas many people from all over the world are seeking to enter the United States to take refuge from persecution or to seek their fortune in this ‘land of opportunity’ there are also many Americans who are considering moving to Europe for good. They have different reasons, but we can see the election of Donald Trump has been a catalyst for the desire to swap the USA for Europe. What do Americans hope to find in one of the ‘old countries’?

1. Affordable health care

As a non-resident, not all European countries will allow you to get into their excellent public health care system. Depending on your age and health history, you can get excellent private health Continue Reading

Living “off the grid” in 2017: fantasy or real opportunity?

photovoltaique off the gridFirstly, what’s this idea of “living off the grid” really about? American people seem to be really fond of it lately, and the word can often be heard or read. Initially, the term used to stick to people like conspiracy theorists and “patriots” who’re inclined to shoot on sight in the name of private property; but the idea soon reached others, less militant but nonetheless seduced by the particular thematics that comes with the concept.

grange photovoltaique

Originally, “the grid” refers to the power grid, a.k.a. the electrical network. To live “off it” is nothing more than to do without, with the purpose of reaching autonomy, self-management and, more and Continue Reading

How to be your own estate agent

If you are trying to sell your house in France without using a property agency, you need to know how to be your own estate agent. This means you basically have to do everything a good agent should do. And if you do, you’ll probably do a much better job than 90% of the property professionals in France.

How to be your own estate agent and sell!

We’ve written a site filled with articles about buying and selling your house in France without a property agent. We just want to quickly remind you of some particulars in the selling process. It seems this is for many private sellers the hardest part. You need to be a professional marketeer and Continue Reading

A free property agent? How now, brown cow?

I just received a message from a private seller using our site Immogo hoping for contacts with private buyers. In spite of our strong request to steer clear of our site, another Leggett agent has tried to get in contact. Using the form on the presentation page of our seller, she sent the following message:

Hi, sorry I am an agent working for Leggett, and live near La souterraine. I would love to help you market your lovely property, we are completely free, and without exclusivity,and are internet based, Continue Reading

No real estate professionals please – for sale by owner

no real estate agents for sale by owner

Our international property website Immogo is ‘for sale by owner’ only. We do not want real estate professionals, such as brokers or their agents, contact our clients. First of all, because they are our clients. We only get paid if we find their buyer and we don’t want other sellers poaching in our painstakingly filled pond. Secondly, our owners/sellers have chosen to put their house on Immogo because they want to sell directly to private buyers. They try to circumvent ‘agents immobilier’ and do not want to be bothered by the same through the reaction form on Immogo. Continue Reading

Over 2 million unique visitors for Immogo

In the almost ten years of its existence, Immogo has grown consistently. This year, we wil certainly welcome more than 500.000 unique visitors on our site. All private owners wanting to sell their property, or private buyers looking for a new home in France. This week, we reached an important goal: a total of two million unique visitors. Have a look at our stats:

2-miljoen-unieke-bezoekersLook at the total Unique Visits… 2,000,101 (I just missed the screenshot of the actual 2.000.000) and over 7 million page views! Is that cool, or what?


What’s wrong with the property agents in France?

property agents in franceProperty agents in France are having to deal with  big problem. Almost 50% of the real estate transactions in France is done ‘entre particuliers’. This means that buyers and sellers find each other, negotiate and close the transaction without the intervention of a professional realtor. Only the signing of the contracts is, of course, done at the notary’s. In any case 50% private sales is a lot more than in neighbouring countries, where the involvement of a property broker is standard practice. In the Netherlands, for instance, only a few per cent of the deals go through without an agency. How can we explain this difference?

Property agents in France – a high price

The most important reason for bypassing the property agents in France is the high prices they charge. Lately there is a bit of a shift downwards under pressure from the market and the Internet, but for a long time you had to pay the ‘agent immobilier’ at least 6%. A broker in Burgundy, with an Continue Reading

Who pays the real estate agent in France? The buyer or the seller?

Who pays the property agent in franceA real estate agent in France ask a commission of 4% up to 10% of the sales price. So it is important to know who pays the ‘agent immobilier’ (AI). The buyer? Or the seller?

As an owner of french real estate, if you want to sell your property, chances are the broker will explain that he is doing his work essentially for free, because his commission in the end is paid by the buyer. His reasoning is as follows: you set the net price you want to receive for your home. The agent adds his fee plus – if he’s smart – a negotiation margin and publishes the property for the total gross amount. This almost seems like you get all the expertise and service of the AI for free!

For whom does the agent really work?

The buyer has no interest in paying the agent fees. He has no contract with the agent, who is actually representing the opponent in the negotiations. The agent will not help the buyer to get a Continue Reading

Immogo moves to a new server

In the past week, Immogo has moved to a new server, which should make the site load much faster. This is good for our Google ranking. Earlier this year we added a new Russian version to Immogo. At the same time, we found three Russian native speakers for our translator team. Among the three of them, they can work from the source languages English, French, Dutch and German.

In the near future more changes are expected. Among others, we’ve asked the design team of the Dutch advertising agency ONyVA to make e fresh new design. Also, we’ll add several new Continue Reading