Buying a house in France with or without real estate agent? An analysis.

Buying a house in France without a real estate agent?Are you buying a house in France, where real estate agents easily charge 5% and sometimes even more? Then it is certainly worth asking yourself whether you should  maybe buy a house without a real estate agent. Depending on the selling price, the brokerage fees can add up considerably. The average price of a house in France is between 200,000 and 300,000 euros. So, at a commission rate of 5% you pay a brokerage fee of many thousands or euros. Of course, in itself it might not be a bad thing to pay a specialist for doing his or her job, as long as that job means that the numbers still add up. The question is what precisely a real estate agent does for Continue Reading

No real estate professionals please – for sale by owner

no real estate agents for sale by owner

Our international property website Immogo is ‘for sale by owner’ only. We do not want real estate professionals, such as brokers or their agents, contact our clients. First of all, because they are our clients. We only get paid if we find their buyer and we don’t want other sellers poaching in our painstakingly filled pond. Secondly, our owners/sellers have chosen to put their house on Immogo because they want to sell directly to private buyers. They try to circumvent ‘agents immobilier’ and do not want to be bothered by the same through the reaction form on Immogo. Continue Reading