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Beautiful house
Beautiful houseBeautiful houseBeautiful houseBeautiful houseBeautiful house

Beautiful house

Price: € 900 000 | Ref.: 432 | Views: 3 489

This beautiful house has been built on an underfloor space in 2000, with surface authorized for construction of 10 X 15, i.e. 150 sqm. Slate roof and entry, windows and angles of the house in Chauvigny stone quarters.


The house has a ground floor, a first floor, a second floor converted under a sloping traditional oak roof structure.

Exterior walls in BioBric of 37.5 cm, air vacuum and plastering partition of 7 cm coated with traditional plaster.

PVC exterior work, double glazing with electric rolling shutters.

Ground floor and first floor with ground heating, low temperature with air/water heat pump.
Healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

Warm water is produced by electric balloons, twice 300 l. The cover, 4 slopes, is made of slate.

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8601282 Poitiers, France
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