Building Survey In France, For Purchase And Years Of Enjoyment Without Worries

Buying an old house in France? Get a technical inspection first!

The real France fan dreams of owning a house in France. Perhaps you too are one of those people who have often stood licking your lips in front of the estate agent’s window during the holidays. Until the day comes when you decide: “We’re just going to do it!” and start looking seriously for the house that matches your dreams. Then comes the search. Hopping from one estate agent to the next, one viewing after another. Until one day… lightning strikes – a ‘coup de foudre’ and you’re in love.

This is the moment to take a breather. You can let the promises of estate agents and sellers persuade you, but you can also decide to do some background checks first. Is your much-loved home really that solid? Will it continue to offer you in the coming years what it seems to be promising now? Will there be no nasty surprises? Does the cottage perhaps have hidden defects that will cause you a lot of worries later on?

This is the time to think about a building inspection by Dutch building specialist Wilm Snellenberg makes the picture much more reliable, gives you a good explanation of the documents submitted by the seller and, if necessary, also provides targeted additional information.

This will give you a clear picture of the positive and negative characteristics of the property of your dreams, so you can make a responsible decision and enjoy your new French home carefree for years to come.

Frankrijkkeuring verzorgt technische keuring van huis in frankrijk


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