About us

Gregor Hakkenberg & Chika, Tournus 2019

Immogo was conceived in 2005 by advertising man and copywriter Gregor Hakkenberg van Gaasbeek, who has been serving his Dutch clients with advertising copy from France since 2001. Gregor wanted to help his fellow villagers sell their homes without an estate agent. He came up with the original concept of Immogo: free international advertising at 1% upon success. This quickly became quite successful, as Immogo was able to add dozens of houses in a short time. In 2007, Immogo turned a tidy profit, based entirely on successful sales.

Court case won with flying colors

Unfortunately, French estate agents saw Immogo as a threat, because sellers could now easily sell their own homes, without high estate agent fees. Instead of competing by simply doing a better job, they decided to legally attack Immogo. Fortunately, after a complex and costly procedure, the judge saw that Immogo was completely legal and could provide a valuable additional service on the French housing market.

So once more, buyers and sellers can easily find each other without a real estate agent on Immogo, and save thousands of euros as a result.

Smart advertising together

The latest development at Immogo is the active use of social media to sell the homes. Immogo takes on the role of communications advisor to help advertisers put their properties on the market. For new customers, various packages are available and Immogo also offers advertisers the opportunity to ‘push’ their property via Facebook. In addition, there is still the 1% bonus option that is so important for the distinctive character of Immogo.