Do you want to pay or get paid in France? LUMON offers an excellent exchange rate.

If you are visiting Immogo, you are obviously planning to buy or sell a property in France. Good for you! No matter wether you are selling or buying, you (or your buyer) will need to transfer money to or from France. That means changing £pounds£ to €euros€. Now of course you could just use your … Read more

Setting up shop in France – electricity, gas, internet, mobile, broadband, banking and insurance…

Moving to France is great fun, but also somewhat of a hassle. Especially when it comes to organizing all the subscriptions. Which provider offers the best services when it comes to broadband internet? What is the mobile coverage of the different telephone companies in your area?  How can you get a cheap subscription for electricity … Read more

Paroles 5 EN – Jacques Brel with ‘Ne me quitte pas’

Oh dear, poor old Jacques. A genius, passed away far too young, who wrote and performed his chansons struggling with life, drink and being Belgian. In the video accompanying this podcast he performs the deeply tragic chanson ‘Ne me quitte pas’ in his typical intense way, while the camera ruthlessly captures his desperation, moving in … Read more

Paroles 2: ‘Sur ma vie’ by Charles Aznavour (learn French words with a song)

Before listening to the podcast above, please play the video below, while reading the lyrics in French and English underneath it. Let it play a couple of times and listen carefully to his pronunciation of the individual words. Once you know the song and its meaning, my commentary will be much more interesting. In the … Read more

Paroles 1:… ‘Paroles’ by Dalida (podcast)

Before listening to the podcast, please watch the video below, while reading the lyrics in French and English underneath it. Once you know the song and its meaning, the lesson in the podcast will be much more interesting and effective.

In this first lesson, we will use a song with a fitting name: Paroles… words and promises. The singer is the Egyptian born Italian and nationalized French singer ‘Dalida’. She was enormously popular in the seventies but had a tragic life, ending in suicide in the mid-eighties. In this song we also hear the voice of Alain Delon, a very famous French actor born in 1935 who now lives in Switzerland. Smooth talker Alain is trying to seduce her, but she’s not having it. She knows that although he tries to woo her with romantic talk, it is just words and empty promises: paroles.

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Selectra helps you set up your energy and internet contracts for free!

Selectra compares energy suppliers, internet providers, mobile operators, insurers and banks to help you reduce your bills. This is all entirely free for you. Of course they get a commission for signing you up, but because they are such a big company, they can negotiate the best prices for you. Selectra is an excellent tool … Read more

Looking for property for sale in France? Here are Seven Ways to Save!

If you are searching for property for sale in France, it is a good idea to also think about how you will attack the problem of finding the right house at the right price. Looking at the enormous offer of property for sale in France, you will soon find that the prices are wildly different from one area to the other. And of course also the state of the property has a lot to do with the price. Other factors that influence the price are costs and commissions for professionals in real estate (agents immobiliers), and of course your negotiating skills. In this article I’d like to go into the different ways there are to save money on buying a house in France. Having extensive experience in buying property in France myself, I – ahum – consider myself somewhat of an expert. Even though I’m still a lousy negotiator. But you know the old adage: those who can’t, teach. So here are my tips.

  1. Look for property for sale in France’s less popular regions

Property for sale in France (Tournus)France has a lot of popular regions. Places where ‘everyone’ wants to buy a house. You’ll find large concentrations of British there, who’ve all heard from each other how great it is where they have bought their property in France. Unfortunately, the popularity of these French regions has also influenced

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