Latest scam and spam mail addresses

Rip off-alert!

The following people are contacting many home sellers, but are not serious buyers. We advise you never to react to their messages and never to do business with them. By the way, if you would like to advertise your house on a site that is actively filtering out ‘fishy’ reactions and when in doubt about the seriousness of a reaction will mail its sellers to be extra alert towards a prospective buyer, think about advertising on the No Cure No Pay site Immogo.

‘American soldiers’ who want to give you millions of dollars from Iraq
captdanstevens@gmail.com (Dan Stevens)
captdanstevens1@gmail.com (Dan Stevens)
colmarkray1@gmail.com (Dan Stevens)
lockettom1@gmail.com (Tom Locket)
capt.joelwesley03@gmail.com (Capt. joel wesley)
tcasey231@yahoo.com (Capt. Casey Thoreen)
capt.larrygiddens@gmail.com (Captain Larry Giddens)
cptmacwoods@gmail.com (Captain Mac Woods)
dusonbertrand@live.fr (nigerian scammer Bertrand Duson)
capt.joelwesley03@gmail.com (Captain Joel Wesley)
pkennetho@hotmail.com (Kenneth Preston)
cindy.falkowski@hotmail.com (Cindy Falkowski)
morgan.kevin40@gmail.com (Kevin Morgan)
spudhug@itimes.com (Hugo Carlos)
cox_powell1@hotmail.com (Cox Powell)
nickauc01@gmal.com (Nick Aucott – +18643877392)
dycus_edward@yahoo.de (Edward Dycus – +18643877392 (même numéro!))
rogersossou38@live.fr (Je me nomme Roger)
cindo.olegs_cpt101@live.com (Cindo Olegs)
sgtmacole@live.com (Mac Cole)
armeldacosta@yahoo.fr (Armel Dacosta)
hrysmith147@hotmail.com (Harry Smith)
rsalisbury080@gmail.com (Ray Salisbury)
deniscourney@gmail.com (Dennis Courney)
culljoe20@gmail.com (Joe Cull)
rogersossou38@live.fr (Roger Sossou)
stuartBradley90@hotmail.com (Stuart Bradley)
michaelrowells@yahoo.com (Michael Rowells)
jowilford.11@gmail.com (Capt. Joseph)
judofia@yahoo.com (Capt. Joseph)
capt.toddlooney4@gmail.com (Todd Looney)
capt.patrickz1@gmail.com (Patrick Ziller)
stuartBradley90@hotmail.com (Stuart Bradley)
newgold@itimes.com a.k.a. jcrayspark@gmail.com (Jonathan Chinchilla)
morganwilson95@gmail.com (Morgan Wilson)
lamportangela@ymail.com (Angela Lamport)
jose_alejandro22@live.com (Jose Alejandro)
dycus_edward@yahoo.de (Edward Dycus) +18643877392
rbrtdvs263@gmail.com (Robert)
jakata01@gmail.com 00447011136405
stein.gilbert@gmail.com (Gilbert Stein)
timblairc12@gmail.com (Tim Blair)
capt.toddlooney4@gmail.com (Todd Looney)
hrysmith26@gmail.com (Harry Smith)
nicolasbrandon22@gmail.com (Nicolas Brandon)

Stay safe! Sell your French property through Immogo!

So-called ‘investors’ aiming for a cash money exchange
agressaniluca@yahoo.com (Luca Agressani)
akram.beliz@hotmail.de (Akram Beliz)
arinagords@gmail.com (Harina Gordons)
Abdul-Baasit@hotmail.com (Abdul Baasit Mahmoud)
Rozzamarrio@yahoo.fr (Mario Rozza)
hazzabgazal@hotmail.com (Hazzan Gazal Trabelsi)
brsguterman@gmail.com (Boris Guterman)
annvoght1@hotmail.com (Ann Voght)
spudhug@itimes.com (Hugo Carlos)
Egon@consultant.com (Stephan Egon – 015776145654)
frederic1@europe.com (Frederic – 0032489200349)
stook.jeremy@hotmail.fr (Jeremy Stook – 00447035982115)
davidhayoun06@yahoo.fr (DAvid Hayoun – 0033-664-043-242)
pollini1@mail.com (Frederic Bonnet, expert de M. Pollini – 00447833021079)
Nameless voice on the phone (Russian ‘investor’) 00447833021079
andre-smit@hotmail.nl (Andre Smit)
davidrosenfeld@hotmail.fr (David Rosenfeld –  0032487536196)
emelendez2200@ymail.com (Evan Mendelez)
pollini1@mail.com (Frederic Bonnet – M. Pollini – 00447833021079)
davidhayoun06@yahoo.fr  (David Hayoun – 0033664043242)
Mark Steinberg  0044 7879167000 steinberg.info@consultant.com IP:
charlyscott@gmail.com (Charly Scott – 0648659221)
r.reichmann@diplomat.com – 00381669551702
gaudenskenzo@gmail.com Kenzo Gaudens 0033 0652155855
bobcoster1@hotmail.fr Bob Coster 0033 0652155855

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14 thoughts on “Latest scam and spam mail addresses”

    • I would like to confirm this info. Michael Rowells (michaelrowells@yahoo.com) want to buy a property from me for almost 2 mln $. He was asking about acceptance to do a cash money transaction. I’m more than sure that it is a trick to steal your money.

      • Do mnie również od 2 dni pisze wspomniany Michael Rowells (michaelrowells@yahoo.com), chcąc kupić mieszkanie, które sprzedaję bez pośredników. Potwierdzają się wszystkie przytoczone tu przykłady od podszywania się pod osobę żołnierza z Iraku po płatność gotówką etc. Cieszę się, że na te wspisy trafiłam, ostrzegam też innych przed łatwowiernością i wiarą w szybką sprzedaż nieruchomości.

        A quick translation:
        Two days ago, this Michael Rowells (michaelrowells@yahoo.com) wrote me as well, wanting to buy a house for sale without intermediaries. This confirms that all the examples quoted here from a person impersonating a soldier from Iraq trying to get a payment in cash, etc.. I am glad that I found this website, that also warns others against to much credulity and faith in a quick sale of the property.

  1. Yes, probably. There is no risk, just be very firm about not accepting money under the table and wanting to do everything according to the rules. And NEVER accept to do a cash money transaction. This is almost always a trick to steal your money. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

  2. At Immogo, every week, we see at least two of these crooks contacting our sellers. Fortunately, we’ve become quite good at picking them out of the bunch, so we can prevent their reactions reaching our private sellers. Earlier, I’ve written an article about these wrongdoers and how to act to prevent being scammed.

  3. Hello I have had contact with this person. cindo.olegs_cpt101 @ live.com (Cinde Olegs)
    anyone can tell me what kind of scam or could make this person. forward an email where I try to scam someone?

  4. This person will pretend to be an American soldier in Iraq wanting to export many millions of dollars. If you help him to get a commission, he will start asking you for money, to buy off officials etc. All the money you send him will be lost! It is a hoax, a fake, a trick, habberdashery! Never send money to people who have contacted you, not even if they send you a check first and not even if the check could be cashed. The check will appear to be stolen and the money taken back out of your account. Any money you have send these people will be lost.

  5. Hi, is this e-mail scam?

    Dear Sir and Madam,

    I am interested in the investment opportunity you have for sale and would like to contacted in regards to have some moor info and first contact so please fell free to get in contact to discuss moor info.

    Best regards,

    Mark Steinberg
    Tell. 0044 787916700
    Email. steinberg.info@consultant.com

    • Hi,

      Yes, it is. The domain ‘consultant.com’ is often used for scam mail, just like other free mail services. Before, many scammers used hotmail, but this got such a bad reputation, they are now swiching to yahoo, gmail and ymail. You will also see that the scammer uses a very broad escription of the subject for sale: ‘investment opportunity’ in stead of ‘house’ or ‘building’, and makes secveral language mistakes. There are some more tell-tale signs, but I won’t get into these too deeply since I don’t want to give them any ideas and make them smarter. I prefer my crooks dumb.

  6. I have an advertise in Holland and some Joe Cull send me an e-mail with the words: I am interested in your offer.

    So I asked what he wants to know of my offer and this was his reaction:

    Thanks for your kind reply. I am hoping that you are a sincere person. I am in Kabul Afghanistan, but I plan to be in your country very soon as I have good plans to invest in your country. I am contacting you with the faith that we can find understanding and maybe I can use your guide for my investment plans. I will purchase your property at full price, and I will also need your help to locate and secure better prospects around Netherland. I am serving in the military with the United States Army in Afghanistan. With a very desperate need for assistance, I am contacting you with this very important proposition for mutual benefit. It is well planned and risk free. I have a secure USA line through which you can reach me at any time, the number is +1-209-208-0711. You can call me after you must have read this mail.

    I am a Captain in the Us army. II Marine Expeditionary of Multinational Division Centre base. In Kabul,Afghanistan.Am currently with the NATO Marine Force on Monitoring and Peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

    Sometime in May 2012, we got Intel on an existing terrorist camp in Marjah. After Immediate invasion, we conquered and successfully dissolved the camp capturing some members of this group.In the process of interrogation they confessed being rebels for Abu Baqir a Taliban sub-commander and AL-Qaida group leader, and they took us to a cave in Marjah. which served as their camp.

    Here we recovered assorted merchandise and hard cash,running into hundreds of million USD.We decided to turn in the other merchandise and keep the cash.I have in my possession the sum of 11.5 million USD as my share.

    This is where the problem lies.As a military officer, am not supposed to have such money in my possession.This is why am in keen need of a Reliable and Trust worthy person who will receive the box,secure and protect it till my arrival which should be soon.I have to take this chance because,i have no other alternative but to trust somebody besides, my time is rapidly elapsing. All i have is my wife and little daughter and they deserve a decent life since am presently incapacitated and will be relieved of my duty once am discharged from the base hospital.I will relocate to your country with my family and invest the money in accordance with law, your advice and assistance. We can work together and achieve a better future for our families.

    All i ask is permit me register the consignment in your name as Medical Equipment and you are expected to retrieve it once its in Europe.There will be no risk in this deal,i have made the necessary arrangement the safe delivery of the consignment box to your preferred location.I will assume you are capable of handling a deal of this magnitude and also trust you to maintain absolute secrecy and confidentiality to protect this great achievement. In less than 4 days the box should be in your possession if you are swift on your part . i have taken precautionary measures to secure the money.I will give you 30% of the money and 70% for me.I believe this is a fair deal but you are welcomed to negotiate.Please declare your interest by sending the following information

    Full name …………………………

    Full address ………………………… ………

    Direct phone number …………….


    Scanned copy of your ID.

    I anticipate your positive response and on receipt of your information. We don’t have the luxury to waste time so kindly respond ASAP.

    Best regards,

    Cull Joe.

    I think I move it all to the trash

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