Properties for Sale in France – new property site

A brand new real estate site just popped up. We're trying to expand our coverage of the market by making targeted sites. This one is for the English market and called Properties for Sale in France. Hopefully, after the testing is over, we can welcome many more advertisers here.

Latest scam and spam mail addresses

Rip off-alert! The following people are contacting many home sellers, but are not serious buyers. We advise you never to react to their messages and never to do business with them. By the way, if you would like to advertise your house on a site that is actively filtering out ...

Advertising your French property – image management

If you are advertising you property on Immogo, we allow you to upload an unlimited amount of photos of your real estate.  You can easlily log in on the site and manage the order the images are shown, delete pictures or ad some more. This video shows you how: [youtube=]

French property sales information – how to get better search results

When you are advertising your french property on Immogo, it is very important to fill in all the right information in the right way. In this tutorial we show you how to log in and what to fill to get the best sales results in the internal search engine of ...