Pay What You Want HERE

We always do our best to present your French property to an international audience. Immogo offers an excellent presentation with unlimited photos and as much text as you want. We also take care of text editing and offer manually controlled translations into French, Dutch and German. Plus postings on our successful Facebook page.

We always try to quickly answer your questions by e-mail or phone. In addition, we actively filter all contacts via our site in order to forward only private buyers.

Since the summer of 2021, Immogo has been working with the 'Pay What You Want' system. You decide the price when you put your ad online. After the sale, you can reconsider what our services have been worth to you. A sale via Immogo (with thousands of euros saved on estate agent fees!) merits a higher reward than good service without a concrete sale.

In any case, you can always make a donation 'just like that' to encourage us.

How much should you pay?
Pay What You Want is also called 'valuation after the act'. A fair system, because only by actively using our services can you find out what Immogo is worth to you.

  • If you don't think it is worth much, you don't have to pay anything.
  • Are you satisfied or very satisfied? Then you pay Immogo a reward you deem fitting.
  • Were you lucky enough to sell via Immogo and save thousands of Euros in realtor fees? Then you can reward us with a literally well-earned bonus, if you like.

But as promised… there's no obligation.
Just pay what you want!

video huis in frankrijk verkopen

Thank you for your appreciation.
Gregor Hakkenberg, owner and manager of Immogo.