Sell your house in France?

Pay What You Want!

Easily create a perfect presentation for your property sale in France. You provide a description and as many photos as you like. We take care of professional final editing and translations, and publish your property in four languages on your own page on Immogo
What do you pay for all this? That's for you to decide!




Very simple: you decide what the Immogo service was worth to you.
You decide what you will pay for your presentation.



  • Duration
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited pictures
  • Add your video
  • Personal service
  • Three translations
  • Ads on Trovit, Mitula, Affidata
  • Extra promotion
  • Facebook campaign


Our offer to you...

  • Duration Until the sale
  • Unlimited text Yes, with editor support
  • Unlimited pictures As many as you need to sell
  • Add your video No problem, we embedd
  • Personal service All the way
  • Three translations Bien sûr, Jazeker, Sicherlich!
  • Ads on Trovit, Mitula, Affidata Automatic synch with SSL-feed
  • Extra promotion 4 weeks font page included
  • Facebook campaign Included

Promise No. 1

Excellent online presentation

Immogo promises you broad online promotion of your property in France. You'll get a great presentation with an unlimited number of photos and as much text as you want, and we'll take care of the translations into French, English and German.

Promise No. 2

Real people at the controls

We also promise you excellent personal service, with quick responses to your e-mails and, if desired, telephone contact. We take a critical look at your texts and photos and give solicited and unsolicited tips to improve your presentation. If there is one thing that sets Immogo apart, it is a rigorous choice for quality.

Promise No. 3

Only serious contacts

Immogo promises that as an advertiser, you will be bothered as little as possible by commercial suppliers or scammers. Of course, an estate agent or a Nigerian prince may slip through the net from time to time, but in principle, we filter all contacts and only private house hunters come into your mailbox via our form.

What are all these promises worth? That is up to you!

Immogo has been a disruptive rebel in the French housing market since its creation in 2005. Once started as a 'No Cure No Pay' site with a 1% payment in case of success, for several years we’ve worked with paid packages as well. And now we are taking a new path: Pay What You Want! You decide for yourself what monthly fee you will pay for your presentation. And afterwards, you decide for yourself what the Immogo service was worth.

How Pay What You Want works
Listing your property on Immogo is completely free. As long as you advertise with us, we will do our utmost to present your property in the best possible way to our visitors. After the sale, you can cancel your subscription yourself. To conclude our partnership, we’ll send you one last e-mail, asking you to think about what advertising your property on Immogo has meant to you, and to express this in a final bonus payment. You wille then pay us accordingly on the VOLUNTARY PAYMENT PAGE.

PWYW = valuation after the act
Pay What You Want is also referred to as 'valuation after the act'. A fair system, because only in hindsight do you really know what Immogo was worth to you.

  • If you didn't think it was worth much, you don't have to pay anything.
  • Were you satisfied or very satisfied? Then you pay Immogo the reward you feel is fitting.
  • Were you lucky enough to sell via Immogo and save thousands of Euros in realtor fees?
    Then you can reward us with a literally well-earned bonus, if you like.

But... as we said, there's no obligation. You pay what you want!
In short... why not add your property to Immogo right now?

Need help? Ask me!

Something not working out? Do you have questions? As the founder of Immogo, I'm ready to help. You can always call me or send an email to I've been living in Southern Burgundy for over twenty years now, and have extensive experience in buying and selling property in France. At the same time, I've worked as a freelance copywriter and advertising consultant. So I know about the market as well as  the promotion techniques. Nees help? Call me: Gregor Hakkenberg: +33 358 1962 26.

Sell your house in France with pictures

Do you want to create the best possible sales presentation for your house in France? At Immogo, you can add as many pictures as you like to show all possible highlights of your property. Create a perfect show case for the interior, the outside, the garden and the grounds, and not to forget... the view. This way, make the visitors of Immogo fall in love with your beautiful property in France, and make them want to visit and buy it.

Note: With our 'Offre Premium' a personal assistent will help you upload your images for the best possible presentation of your property.

Sell your french home with words

Aside from an appealing visual presentation, a good description is just as important. You can make your sales pitch as lengthy and detailed as you like, but usually it is better to let the pictures do the talking and keep some information for a next stage.

No matter how detailed your description, when people contact you, the first thing they invariably ask is: 'Please send more information'. That is the moment to establish a rapport.
Of course your text should in general explain the main features and selling points of your property, the geographical situation, the lay-out of house and garden and some useful information about the immediate area.

ALL-IN SERVICE! With our 'Premium' package, our experienced copywriter will personally call you and assist you in writing and publishing an attractive and convincing text.

Sell your french property in four languages

You can write your text in English for upload on Immogo. After a check and some editing for search engine optimisation, we will produce well written French, German and Dutch versions. 
Your offer will be referenced on international search engines like, and And quite understandable for French speaking visitors from France, Belgium and Switzerland, for German speakers from Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland and of course for Dutch and Flemish visitors.



Good evening Mr Hakkenberg,
I have just sent you the payment stated on your invoice, by International Payment. I believe it should reach your Bank within two to three working days. Many thanks for your assistance in presenting my advertisement, it was invaluable. Good luck in future business transactions.

Irene F.

I can only recommend the use of Immogo to sell a property abroad. The service is cheap, professional and easy to use. We didn’t use another agency and it took me about half an hour to create the ad which was consulted by 1,000 persons during the 6 months between its insertion and the sale of the house. It was all very simple, hassle-free and ... effective, as we found a buyer for our property in France within 2 months. The system is easy to use and the site managers are extremely helpful. All initial contacts are made via the site, so it is quite safe. Don’t hesitate, use IMMOGO, you have very little to lose and a lot to gain! We paid for a one year insertion at a flat rate and there was nothing else to pay afterwards. All you need to do when you have found a buyer is to pass the details to a solicitor in the country where the property is located (in our case in France), and all is taken care of for you. Many thanks to IMMOGO.

M-F Noel

Dear Mr. Gregor Hakkenberg.
Everything has been completed as of September 5th, the house has been sold and the money in the bank. As far as we are concerned, you can send us the invoice. After receipt we will be happy to pay the invoice. Because of you we have had over 5000 clicks in over 2 years. And have sold it to happy Belgians.
Our neighbors in France also want to sell their house through Immogo. Here you will hear from our former neighbour very soon.
Kind regards
Jan M.

Dear Gregor,

Thank you for removing the sales ad from our holiday home, and for temporarily saving the data.

As agreed by phone, I would like to give you an explanation of the sale. We were able to sell both my previous farm and this house quickly via your site. This time a number of less interested people came to the ad, but within three weeks the final buyer was already there! Both times you make a huge (positive) difference with the local real estate agent. Our compliments.

If we decide we want to sell our cafe and house, we will contact you again.

Thank you for the good service, cordial greetings,
Felix Sommerdijk and Hedwig from Herwaarden

The site is really simple to use for both sellers and buyers, well presented and clear. From 1 April (date of publication of the ad) to 14 October 2016 (actual date of sale), our ad was seen by 1,033 people, 6 of whom asked us to visit the property. This does not seem very high, but the first visitor immediately made an offer and the sale then proceeded without any problems. We are therefore absolutely delighted with the service offered by Immogo, the best possible value for money, and we found a buyer in less than two months, a dream come true! Thank you and congratulations to IMMOGO.

Boucher Alain

As I told you, the house in Bogny-sur-Meuse France is now sold.
I thank you for the advertisement that you have maintained on your site and I would like to point out that, among the many sites on which I had placed it, you are the only ones who seemed to me to ensure a real follow-up.
With my warmest greetings
Alain G.

Hello Greg,
House sold - many thanks.
In the end it went to someone via a local agent, but the ad on your site generated over 24 enquiries so well worthwhile.
All the best,