Sell your house in France without a broker

Create a superb presentation of your property and publish it in four languages on your own dedicated internet page on Immogo.

You start with collecting some good pictures of your home and writing a concise but alluring description in English. Next, you upload your information through our user friendly online forms.

We'll do the professional final editing and take care of the translations in French, German and Dutch, and publish your property sales page on the different language versions of Immogo.

It's as simple as that!

Sell your house in France with pictures

Do you want to create the best possible sales presentation for your house in France? At Immogo, you can add as many pictures as you like to show all possible highlights of your property. Create a perfect show case for the interior, the outside, the garden and the grounds, and not to forget... the view. This way, make the visitors of Immogo fall in love with your beautiful property in France, and make them want to visit and buy it.

Sell your french home with words

Aside from an appealing visual presentation, a good description is just as important. You can make your sales pitch as lengthy and detailed as you like, but usually it is better to let the pictures do the talking and keep some information for a next stage.

No matter how detailed your description, when people contact you, the first thing they invariably ask is: 'Please send more information'. That is the moment to establish a rapport.
Of course your text should in general explain the main features and selling points of your property, the geographical situation, the lay-out of house and garden and some useful information about the immediate area.

TIP! Compose your description offline, following the Immogo framework (header, intro, interior lay-out, grounds and technical info). Then use this document to copy-paste into the different fields during the upload process.

Sell your french property in four languages

You can write your text in English for upload on Immogo. After a check and some editing for search engine optimisation, our professional translators will produce well written French, German and Dutch versions.

Your offer will be referenced on international search engines like, and And clear for French speaking visitors from France, Belgium and Switzerland, for German speakers from Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland and of course for Dutch and Flemish visitors.


Good evening Mr Hakkenberg,
I have just sent you the payment stated on your invoice, by International Payment. I believe it should reach your Bank within two to three working days. Many thanks for your assistance in presenting my advertisement, it was invaluable. Good luck in future business transactions.

Irene F.

I can only recommend the use of Immogo to sell a property abroad. The service is cheap, professional and easy to use. We didn’t use another agency and it took me about half an hour to create the ad which was consulted by 1,000 persons during the 6 months between its insertion and the sale of the house. It was all very simple, hassle-free and ... effective, as we found a buyer for our property in France within 2 months. The system is easy to use and the site managers are extremely helpful. All initial contacts are made via the site, so it is quite safe. Don’t hesitate, use IMMOGO, you have very little to lose and a lot to gain! We paid for a one year insertion at a flat rate and there was nothing else to pay afterwards. All you need to do when you have found a buyer is to pass the details to a solicitor in the country where the property is located (in our case in France), and all is taken care of for you. Many thanks to IMMOGO.

M-F Noel


If you want to use Immogo to sell your home or other real estate in France without the aid of an expensive real estate agent, we offer three options:

Option 'ORIGINALE', unique in France

Our 'OFFRE ORIGINALE' is unique in France: 1% after a succesful sale. An initial payment of €99,- covers the costs for an editorial check, adding SEO tags and three translations. Your advert stays online until your property in France is sold. Does your buyer come through Immogo? Let us know and we'll send you an invoice for 1% of the published asking price. Did you sell through any other means? Just e-mail us the 'Attestation de Vente' the notary public will give you after signing the final deed. If your buyer is not in your Immogo contact files, you owe us nothing.

Option 'SOLIDE' - €199

If you pick the option 'OFFRE SOLIDE' you pay €199.- for a publication during one year, including the three professional translations. After this first year, you can prolong your publication for €59.- per year. And even if your buyer comes through Immogo, there is nothing more to pay. So no commission after sale.

Option 'PREMIUM' - full service

The option 'OFFRE PREMIUM' comes down to full-service support. We'll help you compose a professional sales ad, including a final editing of your text and of course the three translations. For the one-off price of €499.- your presentation page will stay online until the final sale without any additional costs (of couse no commission either). What's more, during four weeks after the translations are done, we will publish your property 'in the spotlights' on the front page and also on the top position for regional searches.

Do you want to rapidly sell your property in France?

Is your property interesting for British or other foreigners as well as for French buyers? Don't hesitate... add your property to Immogo !



  • Duration
  • Unlimited pictures
  • Texte illimité
  • Editorial check
  • Personal service
  • Translations by professionals
  • Extra promotion from the start
  • Publication on Trovit, Mitula

Offre Originale

0 €
+ 1% of the published price

  • Duration Until the sale
  • Unlimited pictures Yes
  • Texte illimité Yes
  • Editorial check Yes
  • Personal service Yes
  • Translations by professionals Optional
  • Extra promotion from the start Optional
  • Publication on Trovit, Mitula Yes

Offre Solide

99 €
without commission

  • Duration 12 months
  • Unlimited pictures Yes
  • Texte illimité Yes
  • Editorial check Yes
  • Personal service Yes
  • Translations by professionals Optioneel
  • Extra promotion from the start Optional
  • Publication on Trovit, Mitula Yes

Offre Premium

345 €
without commission

  • Duration Until the sale
  • Unlimited pictures Yes
  • Texte illimité Yes
  • Editorial check Yes
  • Personal service Yes
  • Translations by professionals Yes
  • Extra promotion from the start 4 weeks free
  • Publication on Trovit, Mitula Yes