Leggett brokers getting on my nerves

Even though it clearly says on our website that professionals in real estate are not allowed to contact our sellers, every once in a while there are those who obviously don’t give a damn. Today, one of the infamous Leggett agents contacts three of my sellers with the same spiel: “Hello, Can I mandate your … Read more

No real estate professionals please – for sale by owner

no real estate agents for sale by owner

Our international property website Immogo is ‘for sale by owner’ only. We do not want real estate professionals, such as brokers or their agents, contact our clients. First of all, because they are our clients. We only get paid if we find their buyer and we don’t want other sellers poaching in our painstakingly filled pond. Secondly, our owners/sellers have chosen to put their house on Immogo because they want to sell directly to private buyers. They try to circumvent ‘agents immobilier’ and do not want to be bothered by the same through the reaction form on Immogo.

Read moreNo real estate professionals please – for sale by owner