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Onroerend goed-communicatie FrankrijkSelling a house is an art in itself. An important part of the job is real estate communication. For houses in France this is a lot more complex than in many other European countries. The market in France is much less transparent, with real estate agents trying to outdo each other and also having to compete with both the notaries and their clients: the private sellers themselves. After all, many owners try to save 5 to 6% commission by finding a buyer themselves – without a broker.

As a result of the fierce competition between brokers, there is no site that – like for instance Funda.nl in the Netherlands – makes the market almost 100% transparent. Real estate agents do not want to share their portfolio online without restrictions, for fear that their competitors will try to poach their clients.

Real estate communication is too much of an investment

Another important problem is that brokers in France are not prepared to invest in their clients. With a few exceptions, especially in the higher price ranges. We can see the lack of motivation from the presentations that the real estate agents produce in the field of real estate communication. Poor pictures, brief descriptions, no presentation advice, for example with home styling. In other countries this is much more evolved. As a result, all the houses on sites outside of France are neatly arranged and super clean on the photo, with only tasteful (and noncommittal) art on the walls.

Why don’t the

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A lower price leads to impressive success including a sale

One of our advertisers had been trying to sell her house for several years. The end of 2011, forced by quite sad circumstances, she decided to reduce its price from 525,000 to 420,000 euros. A really good price for this beautiful villa with a large pool in the Provence. Just below the average for similar property in her region. Ever since she lowered her price, she received a few dozen serious reactions through Immogo. Mostly from people who wanted to visit on short notice. And as it seems, one of these interested clients is now buying her villa, so she can return to her children in the Netherlands.

Lower price, more success
It is no surprise that a lower price enhances the chances for a quick sale. For us however, this success has another important implication. It means that virtually anyone can sell his house through Immogo, provided the price is realistic. According to our click counter,

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Buying a tourist business in France

Let’s say you are considering the purchase of a holiday venue in France. Something we call a ‘gîte’ but the French authorities officially call a ‘meublé de tourisme’ (furnished tourist home) This wish inevitably brings up a couple of questions. Which is better? To buy a normal home, mansion or farm and do some building work to create a guesthouse or holiday rental home exactly as you imagine it? Or should you buy an existing gîte business already used for holiday rental? Sometimes, the question does not even arise, simply because you fall in love with a building and the spot it is sitting in. You could not care less whether it is already a business: you want to live there! But when you are still searching it is something you might want to consider. If only to help you choose a certain research strategy and narrow the field. Whichever you choose, you need not be afraid of the legal implications or other

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