Houses in France for sale by owner

Buying a house in France directly from the owner

Buying a house or other real estate property in France without an estate agent can save you up to 8% in agency commission!

Immogo gives you direct contact with the private seller.

If you find a property you like, use the form in the ad to contact the owner directly. Together, you can then arrange a viewing, negotiate the price and finalize the sale with the help of a notary public. Since there are no agency fees, there will be more negotiation room to find a price that will satisfy both you and the seller.

Huizen in Frankrijk
te koop zonder makelaar

Find your new home in France

Are you looking for a house, villa, castle, a tourist business with holiday homes, gîtes and guest rooms, or another property to buy directly from the owner, without having to do business through a real estate agent?

My site Immogo is one of the best ‘direct sale’ international real estate advertising sites, offering many photos and detailed descriptions.

With Immogo, I provide sellers a private promotion page with unlimited text and photos. For buyers this means they will get very complete presentations.  Of course my work is not free. It costs a lot of time and money to run a site like this. But I will never force you to pay me anything. Wether you are a seller or a buyer… you can pay me whatever you want, depending on your satisfaction with my services and the savings Immogo has helped you attain. Feel like supporting me? Use the donation button at the bottom of the page.

Immogo has about 40.000 unique visitors a month. Are you ready to look for and buy your next house from a private seller, without agency fees? Use the search engine to select your property from the hundreds of real estate advertisements on our site.

Happy house hunting!

Gregor Hakkenberg,
founder and webmaster
+33 358196226

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Why Sell Your House In France Through Immogo?

Immogo is the largest international site dedicated to houses in France for sale exclusively between individuals.More than half of the houses in France are offered without an agency. Selling without the help of a real estate agency saves thousands of dollars. Foreign buyers search very precisely on Immogo to buy a house in France without going through a real estate agency

High International Ranking On Google

Immogo offers real estate ads in France in four languages. The site obtains good results with the different versions of Googl abroad ( and

Selling Your House On Social Media

Immogo is very active on Facebook. We promote every ad, write articles and even organize online seminars about buying or selling real estate in France. In short, at Immogo we do our utmost to market your home as widely as possible. This is one of the reasons why we have thousands of visitors a day from all over the world.

With Immogo, You Pay What You Want!

From August 2021, all new customers will be able to pay what they want. You can pay straight away, with a donation link that we will send you, or afterwards. when you know exactly what Immogo's services have brought you. However. payment is completely optional. You decide what you want to pay!


Rens Verpaalen

Yes, our house has been sold. By sheer coincidence, completely without Immogo. But I really want to let everyone know that the effective, but above all patient, 'people-friendly' way in which you have always guided us deserves all our appreciation. Not a 9, but a big 10.
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Florian van R.

We first had our house for sale with a French estate agent in the region. That hardly gave us any contact. We were also shocked by the rates that French brokers ask (commission), 10% is quite normal. We did not think so. Because we sometimes google for properties abroad, we already knew Immogo. A professional site. So we decided to try a different approach. First, we had a photographer friend ( take good photos and create a virtual tour, and then we put it on three websites, including Immogo. Via Immogo, we received the most reactions. When the house was on the front page, often several per day. Gregor was also kind enough to keep in touch with us and publicise the house via Twitter. In the end, we sold the house to an acquaintance, but that was not a problem either. A good experience and many interested parties, we would do it again.

Gregor Hakkenberg.

Everything has been finalised by 5 September, the house has been sold and the money is in the bank. As far as we are concerned you can send the invoice.After receiving it, we will be happy to pay the invoice. Because by your doing we have had over 5000 clicks in over 2 years. And sold it to happy Belgians. Our neighbours in France also want to sell their house via Immogo. You will hear about this very soon via our former neighbour. Best regards

Rob L.

Dear Gregor, Thank you for your clear explanation! I have indeed received the invoice, which I will pay next week. I would also like to thank you again for the service you have provided, the success achieved and, last but not least, for the to-the-point communication via e-mail. Best regards from

Krek, Rens Verpaalen

Yes, our house has been sold. By sheer coincidence, completely without Immogo. But I really want to let everyone know that the effective, but above all patient, 'people-friendly' way in which you have always guided us deserves all our appreciation. Not a 9, but a big 10.

Henk de Rooy

The first interested party who came to us via Immogo (5 April) also became the buyer. He signed the preliminary contract in mid-June, but due to the fall in the exchange rate of the pound, there was still some uncertainty about the financing, which fortunately was removed last week. Via Immogo, we have had 5 responses in total, 4 of which were serious. Three of them have visited the house. All in all, we are very satisfied with your site and your service. Thank you very much. In our circle of acquaintances in France, we have 5 couples who intend to sell their house and we have recommended Immogo to them. You can remove our house from your site, possibly with a notice "sold via Immogo". Thank you again for your service and good luck.

Mr. akkenbeHrg,

Dear Gregor, Thank you for deleting the sales ad for our holiday home (3054), and for temporarily saving the data. As agreed by phone, I would like to give a brief explanation of the sale. We were able to sell both my previous farm and this house quickly via your site. This time, there were fewer interested parties coming to the advertisement, but within three weeks the final buyer was already among them! In that respect, you made a huge (positive) difference with the local estate agent both times. Our compliments. If we decide we want to sell our pub with house we will contact you again. Thanks for the good service, kind regards, Felix Sommerdijk and Hedwig van Herwaarden