Selling your house in France can be a challenging and stressful process. You want to get the best possible price for your house, but you also want to sell it quickly and smoothly. How can you determine the market value of your house without hiring an expensive estate agent/appraiser? A simple and convenient way is to use, a popular online platform for buying and selling goods and services in France. It can help you get a good idea of how much your house is worth based on the prices of similar houses in the area. Here are a few steps:

– Go to and search for houses for sale in your area. You can filter by location, price range, property type, number of rooms, etc. You will then get a list of ads with photos, short descriptions and prices, as in the screen shot below.

leboncoin image explication

– Compare your house with similar houses on the website. Search for houses that have the same or similar features as yours in terms of:

– The age or construction date of the house. This can affect the structural condition, style and charm of the house. A newer house may have more modern features and amenities, but an older house may have more character and history.

– The location of the house. This can affect the accessibility, convenience and attractiveness of the house. A house in the city may have more shops, services and public transport nearby, but a house in the countryside may have more space, privacy and nature all around.

– The quality of finishing or renovation of the house. This can affect the comfort, functionality and appeal of the house. A well-maintained and updated house may have more efficient systems and appliances, but a poorly maintained and outdated house may need more work and investment.

– Check the price per square metre of each house. Examples are numbers 1 & 4 in the screenshot above. You can find this information in every ad on Leboncoin. In the image above, you can see that the price is roughly between 1600 and 2200 euros/m2. You can take an average and multiply this number by the living area of your house to get a rough estimate of the value. For example, if a comparable house in your area is priced at 2000 euros per m2 and your house has 100 m2 of living space, your estimate is 2000 x 100 = 200000 euros.

– As you can see, some houses are worth more per m2 than others. Adjust your estimate according to several factors that influence the price. These include:

The size of the house. Really big houses are usually worth slightly less per m2 than small ones (the figure 5 in the picture, showing two similar flats with different prices per m2).

– The energy efficiency of the house. A house with a high energy rating (A or B) is more attractive and valuable than a poorly insulated house (F or G). It means it uses less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gases. It also means it is more comfortable and cheaper to heat or cool.

– The extras your home offers. A swimming pool, a large plot of land, a beautiful view or a quiet location can add to the appeal and price of your home. They can set your home apart from other similar houses and attract more buyers looking for something special.

– The selling method you choose. If you sell your house yourself (FSBO), you can save on the estate agent’s commission (usually 6% of the selling price) and offer a lower price than if you use an estate agent. If you use an estate agent, you can benefit from their expertise and network, but you also have to pay them a fee for their services (the number 2 in the image: PRO means that the house is sold through an estate agent and will therefore be slightly more expensive to buy.

Remember that the prices on Leboncoin are asking prices, not selling prices. Most sellers expect some negotiation and are willing to lower their price to close the deal. You should do the same.

Oh, and the number 3 on the image also gives you an idea that it is a ‘PRO’ seller, as private sellers usually have fewer images. Ads with up to three images are free on LeBonCoin.


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