Leggett brokers getting on my nerves

Even though it clearly says on our website that professionals in real estate are not allowed to contact our sellers, every once in a while there are those who obviously don’t give a damn. Today, one of the infamous Leggett agents contacts three of my sellers with the same spiel:

“Hello, Can I mandate your beautiful property, it’s completely free for you and I have clients who are actively looking for properties like this. You can keep your net vendor price. We are continually voted the best agency in Europe with superb global marketing at no cost to you, your property will be seen on over 20 french and international sites. I live and work in this area, and can match clients to properties. Think about it and contact me when you want to go ahead with a Leggett mandate. Regards, Lxxx.”


“Hello, Can I help you sell your lovely property. Our service is free to you. I have clients actively looking for properties like this. I live and work in the area and can put your property in front of our international buyers. You can keep your net vendor price and we add the fee. You have noithing to lose, have a think and then contact me. Kind regards, Lxxx.”

I say ‘infamous’ because it is often the Leggett crowd who completely ignore our sites policy of being strictly ‘entre particuliers’. Does Leggett train these people to be ignorant and obtuse? Maybe it’s the pressure they put on their agents to keep scoring new houses? In any case, it royally pisses me off. Of course, the messages of the agents are not relayed to the sellers and the agents are blacklisted in our system. But they just keep coming.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the ‘Our service is free to you’ part. You pay a whopping 6% on the selling price. You call that free? If they add the fee and sell the house for the price including this fee, you could have sold  it for that price as well. And if you have to negotiate with a buyer because your price is too high, it will be partly because of the extra 6% that have been added. And the negotiation will go out of your pocket, not the brokers. “Our service is free to you” my arse.

Sorry. Pisses me off, frankly.


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