Attract French, Dutch and German buyers with a good property translation

immowords logo - Property Translations German French DutchIf you want to sell your property in France, you can augment your chances with an international advert on free as well as paid sites in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and of course the UK. International advertising is especially interesting if you are selling a typical ‘holiday home’, coveted by foreign buyers.

To make the property description equally attractive in all languages, you can’t rely on online translation robots. They sometimes lead to crazy results, that will make your offer look less reliable.* The new translation site Immowords caters to this need. The site works with a group of experienced human translators, who regularly do translations for some big real estate sites. They know the specific jargon, including any technical terms, and can therefore deliver good quality translations, fast.

Working with Immowords is easy. You start by registering. Next, you fill in your text, pick the target languages, click ‘translate’ and pay the fee through the very safe PayPal system. As soon as you have paid, a translator will be put to work. Shortly after, but in any case within 24 hours, you will get a message that your translation is ready to be downloaded.

By the way, Immowords might also be an interesting system for professionals in the property market. The ‘agent immobilier’ as well will have more chances of a quick sale if he can also promote his offer with French, Dutch and German house hunters. And if they get any questions by prospective buyers, they can have them translated by a robot, and only use Immowords for translating his own outgoing answer. Clever!


*To prove our point, we’ve taken the Dutch version of this paragraph and had it translated online by a machine. This is the result:
To the houses described in all languages ​​equally attractive to be meaningful, you obviously do not trust a translation robot. Then there crazy things come to be, making your offer unreliable happens. The new translation site Immo Words is responding. The site works with a group of experienced translators, who also the translations for various real estate sites provide. They know the specific jargon, including any technical terms, and can quickly good quality translations.


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