How to quickly find your dream house in France

The quickest way to search for a house on Immogo is via the map on the homepage. After all, you pretty much know in which region you want to search. You can then refine your search by adjusting the filter in the menu on the left by price or other properties.

Direct contact with private sellers
All houses, tourist establishments, plots and castles on this site are sold directly by their owners. If you use the form attached to the ad, your response will go directly to the owner, with no intermediary and therefore no agency fees.

Ask specific questions!
When you contact the owner, try to be as specific as possible. If you are still missing information, preferably ask specific questions so that the seller can answer them. A question like "send me more information" has little effect, because the seller does not know exactly what else you want to know. After all, he has already put a complete ad with description and photos online! The more specific your questions, the better the seller can inform you.

Free for house hunters and buyers
As a buyer of a house in France, you do not have to pay Immogo anything. We only ask you to enter your name, email address and phone number with your response, so that the owner can contact you. Your personal details will only be used for Immogo and the owner you are trying to contact. By the way, you may pay Immogo something, if you appreciate my services. Immogo runs entirely on voluntary donations! So are you happy with this site? Then stop by the Pay What You Want page.

Good luck finding the property of your dreams!