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How to Sell via Immogo?
Create a Successful ad.

To increase your chances of success, take a few minutes to read the instructions below.

And You, What Do You Do?

Your role is to write the best possible description, to take pretty photos of your property, as well as to manage “commercial” contacts with potential buyers. You play the role of real estate agent: you provide additional information to interested parties and organize visits to your home yourself. You can entrust the legal and administrative part of the sale to your notary at no additional cost.

You are your own real estate agent

Immogo is ‘For Sale By Owner’. This means we can’t help you with an appraisal, or with organising visits and negotiations. We’d love to, but the French laws wont allow us, because we are not an official broker with the right paperwork. So please prepare a document to note the contact information and status of potential clients, and actively try to sell your property. Pretend YOU are the broker!

What is Our Role?

We take care of optimizing your description for the net and publishing it with as many photos as you want. We also do a lot of publicity for Immogo in order to attract a large number of visitors. Interested people contact you directly via the form on your page.

We Aim for Quality!

One of Immogo’s particularities is that you can publish a complete description and as many texts and photos as you wish.

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A Good, Well-Written Description

 For an optimal presentation of your home, the potential buyer will need a clear and detailed description, with at least the following elements:

1. title (good short and concise description of your property)
2. introduction (main features and distances to shops, towns and road, rail or airport connections)
3. floor-by-floor information (living room, kitchen, bedrooms, kitchen, etc., with or without m²)
4. property (garden, orchard, swimming pool, outbuildings, garage, etc.)
5. technical characteristics (heating, insulation, electric gate, sewage)

Items 1. and 2. will appear on the “presentation page”. They are important for the referencing of your property in search engines. As people orient their search according to geographical criteria (“manor near Blois”), it is important to list the cities around as well as to use other important keywords (without modifying the content, of course) to qualify your property. Advertising is our job!


Of course, upload pretty, clear photos that showcase your home. Choose at least one especially for the presentation page, with an overview of your property.

Then, as many photos as you want of the exterior, the interior, the garden, the landscape, etc. But only show things that belong to you and are included in the sale.

If you would like to upload tourist shots with the beautiful landscapes, churches and villages of the region, please place them in your “owner’s blog”, in order to clearly show that they are not part of the transaction.

Are You Ready?

To upload a house, the easiest way is to write a description in an offline document and put it with all your photos in a folder. This way, you can complete the form in one go without any problem. 

Having a problem? Do not worry. At Immogo, there are people who are at your service. Contact us and we will help you in your efforts.

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