Listing and selling your house with Immogo is very simple. Demonstration: 1: You fill out the forms with your contact details and a description of your property, attaching as many photos as you want. Click on 'PUBLISH' 2: We will receive your advertisement, edit your text for the search engines and make translations in German, English and / or Dutch if necessary. 3: We put your house online and you will receive a confirmation email. 4: Someone asks for information about your house through the form on the site, linked to your email address. 5: You are the one who contacts the person to answer their questions and to arrange a visit. 6: You sell your house, going through the notary. You are your own 'real estate agent', because Immogo only advertises!
If you sell your home, you contact us to let us know, so we can remove your listing. This is the right time to evaluate the added value of Immogo and pay us remuneration for our services. Once again, YOU decide what you want to pay. Did you get lots of contacts and good service? You pay us a reasonable price. Have you even sold your house through Immogo, thus saving 6% in agency fees? In this case, you give us a big bonus. What is reasonable and what is big? It’s up to YOU ​​to decide…. Pay what you want!

Immogo, real estate agents and notary public

If you find a buyer through Immogo, you can do the transaction entirely with the notary. It is he who takes care of the sales agreement and who can also put you in touch with specialists for the mandatory checks: asbestos, lead (lead poisoning) and the energy balance. Then you no longer need a real estate agency. If possible, choose a notary who also speaks English, a language often also understood by Dutch and Germanic people.
Immogo is neither a real estate agency nor a notary nor a building professional. It is a publication of press and publicity by Internet. So we cannot advise you on the price of your house. Ask your notary or an agency. In any case, on Immogo, ask for your own price without the agency commission of course. You will be more likely to sell through Immogo and thus save negotiation costs.
Sure ! Immogo invests in the quality and success of your ad, but does not forbid you anything. Indeed, we advise you to also put your house in a few agencies geographically close to your property. Don't put all your eggs in Immogo's basket. Unless you have a lot of time and prefer to give it a try at Immogo before going to see the agencies.
It happens that a real estate agent gets angry to see your house cheaper on Immogo. Don't be intimidated. You have the right to ask for the same price without agency fees if you sell between individuals. If the real estate agent receives a 6% commission to sell your house, he must earn this 6%! If he is professional, he will manage to sell your house before you do so through a publication on Immogo.

Relations between buyer and seller

If the buyer does not speak French. What to do ? At first, you may be able to get by with one of the online translators like Google Translate. On the other hand, these machines are not very good at translating expressions. They translate word by word. So it is advisable to use short simple sentences. The result will still not be great, but for information on a house, it's fine.
What to do when it gets more serious? Normally a foreign buyer must manage to find a translator. There are several translation and consulting companies that help buyers for a modest price (1 or 2%). But often people come with a friend who speaks French. Recently, there have been agencies specializing in real estate transactions between foreigners, such as  CompromisDeVente.info .
Do you have any questions of you own? Please don’t hesitate to send us an mail.

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