How to copy and paste a link that does not work

Adding your property for sale in France to the international advertising site Immogo, starts with registering as an Immogo seller with this form:

register identity immogo

As soon as you have completed this form and clicked ‘Send’, Immogo will ask you to validate your identity and your mail address by sending you an email with a unique link to click. Here is what the next page looks like:

validate identity

Go to your email provider and get your new mail. There should be a message from Immogo, that looks something like this (except for the red arrows of course):

copy this p

Normally, the blue link with the strange code in this mail should be clickable. If you click it, you are automatically sent back to the Immogo site and logged in. You can continue right away with the property information form. I said: normally.

If the link leads you to an error page, there is a bug. In that case, just select and copy the link. Then, paste it into the url-bar and press ‘enter’. If you don’t understand how it is done, have a look at the following video:



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