How to find and buy a house in France from the owner using the Immogo services


Handy services for house hunters
To help you find a property for sale by owner in France we offer several handy services. You can register your search actions to be alerted by mail whenever new properties are added that fit your requirements. Making a list of favorites helps you easily retrace the properties that tickle your fancy. And with a subscription to our news letter, we will keep you abreast of developments in the French property market. What more do you need?

Register as a buyer
To profit from these extra’s, first you’ll have to register as a ‘buyer’ with Immogo. You can use the button on the top of the right hand side of the page. See the image above. Click on ‘buyer’ and follow the instructions. After sending the registration form, you’ll be sent to the next page:

Please note! You will now receive a validation mail with a link in it (if you don’t get it within five minutes, please check your spam folder). Click this link to validate your registration. If clicking doesn’t work, copy the entire link, paste it into your browser url-bar and hit ‘enter’. If everything is allright, you will now come to the welcome screen (see below). Once logged in, under the little flags it will say: Welcome: Your Name (Test buyer in the example image).

loggedinbienvenuEvery time you click your name, you will come back to this start page. In the left column are the links to your personal data, your favorites and your search actions. The ‘Contacts’ button has no function (yet). OK, let’s try a search action. To do this, we go back to the Immogo home page:

Homepage recherche

We advise your to start with a rather wide search, for instance by clicking on the map in the area you prefer. You’ll immediately get a list of all houses in this region. In this example, that’s Burgundy. In the left column you can refine your search. Every time you change something, the list will adapt automatically, so less and less properties remain. In the example below there are just three homes left, all in the Saône-et-Loire and costing between 325,000 and 350,000 euros.

result recherche - three houses

Let’s say your dream property is not among these three, but you would like to be kept informed about any new properties added to Immogo that are conforming to your search. Easy! Just click in the lef column on ‘Save search’. In the pop-up (below) you can give the search action a name and check the ‘e-mail yes’ radio button. And you’re in business!

saufgarderrecherche - mail option

By the way, you can also choose to save the search without the e-mail option. This way, next time you log-in, you can redo the search without going through all the eliminatory steps.

Saved search alerts

Back to the search result with the three houses. To get a better look at a house, click the header or the image. This will give you a complete presentation with text and pictures. To the right, there is a map showing an approximation of the property’s location. For security reasons, this is not the exact address but the centre of the postal code area. Above it is the contact form, already filled with your personal information. Just add a message to the owner and click send.

Overview information per house

If you would like to save this house in your favorite’s list, you can do so using the ‘Add to favorites’ button on the top in the left column. From your personal page you can always go back to your list of favorites.

Save favourits

There you are… Immogo makes searching, saving and refinding houses for sale in France very easy. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Through the reaction form below, or the contactpage on Immogo.


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