Here is an overview of your dashboard. Let’s take a little tour.

1. Published listings

You can advertise more than one property on Immogo. As long as they are your own private properties, because Immogo is meant exclusively for private sellers, so does not allow listings from real estate agents. Of course it happens that people will add the house of their neighbours to their account. That is okay, but please get in touch with the webmaster first, so everybody is clear about the situation.

If you click on this button, you will get to the page where you can manage your listing(s). Your property presentation on Immogo is entirely editable. You can add photos, change the text and the price: whatever you want. However… (see number 8 below)


This shows you how many people have visited your listing. Mind you, this counts the clicks. So if one person is coming back to your ad several times, each view is counted.

3. Unique views

This counter keeps track of the unique views per day, using cookies to identify the visitors. So if a person comes back to your listing on the same day, he or she is not counted again. In this example you can see that in the last month, 60 people have generated 174 views. So an average of 3 views per person.

4. Button clicks

In your listing, there are two buttons: ‘Save as favourite’ (bookmark) and ‘Contact with seller’ (chat/review). Please note this counter just measures the clicks, NOT the result. If someone clicks who is not registered on Immogo, she will not be able to save the favourite or write a message. This is why you can get 50 ‘Contact with Seller’-clicks and only one or two actual information requests.
You might say this is a pity, because you are missing out a lot of contacts. But I figure that people who are seriously interested in your property will be willing to register to be able to contact you. The others are obviously just curious (or real estate agents trying to get your business, or Nigerian princes who want to send you $ 3 million).

5. Devices

The test house shows a lot more visits on desktop computers than on tablets and smart phones. This is because of it’s nature. It was approached many by myself and developers. Usually, there are many more mobile users.

6. Visits this week

This button actually tells you the same as under number 2.

7. Top Referrers

Here, if you click the little arrow on the right, the block will fold out and show you where the visitors to your page have come from. At the moment, there will be many visitors from Facebook, because I advertise a lot on that platform. In the future, as the new version of Immogo gets better ranking on Google, I hope more and visitors will come through the search engines.

8. Pending listings

Most of the time, it will say ‘0’ here. But if you click on button number 1 and decide to go edit your listing, it will automatically change from ‘published’ to ‘pending’. The webmaster (that’s me) will have to check everything to make sure the listing is fit for publishing. I have to check the translations, for instance. So if you DO change your listing, please send me a quick email. Tell me what you have changed, so I can quickly validate and get you listing back online.

!. Make a donation

Maybe the most important button on this page. 😉 Immogo is ‘Pay What You Want’, but that does not mean publishing your home on Immogo is free! As owner and webmaster I deliver serious services: 

• site development, • online hosting, • editing text, • manually checking translations, • republishing every new listing on more than 15 Facebook groups, • managing two ‘For Sale By Owner’-Facebook groups, • communication with sellers and buyers, • and in general providing high quality property presentations for private sellers.

Are you advertising on Immogo?

If you think my service is worth nothing, you should consider not using Immogo at all. If you do believe Immogo has added value for the promotion of your French property, feel free to make a donation. It helps me cover the costs, and it motivates me to keep providing the best possible service to you.

And if you sell through Immogo?

It happens. It is like a lottery, where you make a small investment hoping to win big. If you do, that means you are saving (tens of) thousands of euros on broker fees and Immogo was REALLY valuable to you. In that case, I’d very much appreciate if you could give me a bonus, for instance a percentage of the money you save by selling without a broker. This way, you support my work and help me make the French property market more transparent and less expensive. 

Thanks a lot and good luck selling your property!
Gregor Hakkenberg, webmaster Immogo, KREK. SAS / +33682410439


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