Immogo is ‘Pay What You Want’. But how much do I have to pay?

glass vase with money coins and bills, symbol for pay what you want or tip jarJust to be clear… you must nothing. The whole idea of ​​’pay what you want’ is that your payment depends on the quality of my services. I try to make a beautiful presentation of your house. With translations in French, English and German, to improve your chances of sales. I also try to be proactive in my services. Improve your text, ask for more photos, and post your ad on social media. Immogo has its own Facebook page and I have also created a group called ‘Houses for sale without a real estate agent’, with more than 4000 followers. Active home seekers, who get to see every new house as soon as I add it to the site.

Active response filtering
Another useful service is weeding out ‘fake customers’. You may have noticed that when you advertise online, you get responses from people wanting help shipping $5 million worth of gold bars from Iraq, or “investors” proposing an interesting cash transaction at a hotel in Rome. Not to mention the real estate agents who also want to sell your property, even though the site is clearly only for private sellers. When requests for information come in, I do an active screening. I will not forward anything that looks suspicious. Fake buyers or real estate agents are blacklisted. Of course, I can’t figure them all out, but overall Immogo offers a relatively hassle-free online advertising experience.

Always available for questions
If you ever have a question about Immogo, or more generally about the real estate market or sales process in France, I am always available to help. Just send me an email or give me a call. I am here to provide you with the best service imaginable, and to prove that Immogo is worth an appropriate rate.

When do you pay?
Again, it’s entirely your choice. Some people make a donation as soon as their house is online and they are happy with their advertisement in four languages. Others wait a while to see whether Immogo actually generates clicks, or better yet… information requests from potential buyers. And some people pay at the very end of their Immogo experience, when they have sold their house and ask me to remove the advertisement and close their account.

You evaluate the service, you decide what to pay.
Ultimately, the best result I can achieve is of course: finding a private buyer for your home. The ‘Agences Immobilières’ usually charge about 6% commission on a sale. Selling privately will save you thousands of dollars on the transaction. Yet there is no obligation to pay me. But of course I would really appreciate it if you would give me a bonus for a successful sale. I’m very happy with 10 or 20% of the money you save. But anyway… I don’t check who you sold to, we don’t have a contract with a commission. You pay if you want and what you want.

And remember that with every payment you help Immogo grow and loosen the grip of real estate agents on the French real estate market.



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