Immogo moves to a new server

In the past week, Immogo has moved to a new server, which should make the site load much faster. This is good for our Google ranking. Earlier this year we added a new Russian version to Immogo. At the same time, we found three Russian native speakers for our translator team. Among the three of them, they can work from the source languages English, French, Dutch and German.

In the near future more changes are expected. Among others, we’ve asked the design team of the Dutch advertising agency ONyVA to make e fresh new design. Also, we’ll add several new functions to enhance the usability of Immogo for sellers as well as for buyers. Like e more detailed search facility and a much clearer presentation page for the houses for sale. Like this:

immogo-presentation-pageNice, isn’t it! Because of the changes made, we’ve had some small bugs but everything seems to be in order now.

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