Immogo now more than 5 million unique visitors

Things have been going well at Immogo lately. More and more visitors are coming to our site. In the graph below you can see that after a leaner period  we are now returning to figures from our heydays, in 2015. This is mainly because we are investing heavily in our presence on social media. Many house hunters find us via Facebook and we now have over 2000 visitors a day!

immogo statistics more than 5 million unique visitors


Attention for French real estate after the Corona crisis

Surprising effect of the health crisis around COVID-19. The country was locked up, people had to stay at home and discovered that an apartment in the city is very cramped. Among other things, this caused a run on houses in the ‘province’. People want to have a place to sit out a possible future lockdown in the countryside. And they got more appreciation for the simple life and the lower population density (and the lower costs!) ‘à la campagne’. As Immogo, we respond to this by focusing our sponsored ads for houses in rural areas on the large conglomerates such as Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Geneva. By the way, we also hear about foreigners who’ve always gone on camping of hotel holidays in France and are now looking for a private house to avoid the crowds. Opportunities for sellers and holiday home owners!

Invest in sponsored ads? Contact us.

facebook sponsored ads give french home selling ads more powerIf you sell a property or tourist business on Immogo and you want to advertise very specifically on Facebook, we can help you with that. Our budget is limited, but if you want to make the investment yourself, we can effectively place the advertisement for you. Focused on a certain target group, around your own location and in the big cities. Or in Amsterdam, or London… Via Facebook, we can very precisely reach a specific segment, in consultation with you. A Facebook campaign is possible from as little as 100€. This amount goes entirely towards your Facebook presence. Because Immogo also benefits from your promotion, our time and efforts remain free.

Do you have a video? Add it to Immogo!

Did you know that you can also add a video in your ad on Immogo? Whether you have professional drone shots or made a video yourself with your phone, a video will generate extra attention for your ad. To publish your video on Immogo, it must already be online somewhere. For example, you can upload it on Youtube, so that we can ’embed’ it from there. If you don’t succeed, we can also put it on our own Youtube channel. In that case, you will have to email us your video or send it to us via

PS: If you’re wondering why there’s a gap in our visitor statistics in 2008/2009… that was the time the FNAIM (French real estate agents federation) sued us for false competition and we had to close our site by court order. Only after we were proved right on appeal (Immogo’s No Cure No Pay system is innovative, but certainly not illegal!) the site was allowed back online.


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