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Immogo is a real estate advertising site for individuals who want to sell their property in France. Since its creation, the Immogo homepage has been viewed almost 5 million times by more than 1,500,000 visitors.

You can send us your questions or remarks concerning Immogo to our customer service manager, Gregor Hakkenberg, info@immogo.com. If you want to be kept up to date with news from Immogo, register as a seller or buyer and simply tick the ‘Newsletter’ box.

For information on a property, please contact the owners directly, using the form in their ad.

See also our ideas on buying and selling houses in France on our blog.

You can call me on the phone, but ONLY for information on the site, NOT on a specific property. Immogo is not a real estate agent, just an advertising site. For information about a property, please use the contact form in the ad. Give the landlord a few days to get back to you.

No reaction ? Try Again. After the second time, still no reaction? Then send me a message using the form below and I’ll call the owner to ask if the house is still available.

    On the other hand, for information on how the site works and on how to sell your property in France, do not hesitate to call me at +33 358 1962 26

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