This small castle overlooking the French and Swiss Alps dominates the Abrets in Dauphiné. The nearby A41 / A43 motorways will take you to the ski resorts of Grenoble and Chambéry, as well as to the cities of Aix-les-Bains, Chambéry, Annecy, Lyon, Geneva and Turin in 20 to 60 minutes by car.


48 rooms to be partially renovated in three building sections, 10 bathrooms, 12 toilets. For the moment, a flat is permanently rented out. 10 guest rooms as well as a dining room and small fitness room are already rented successfully. Several sheltered garages are used for repairs of all kinds, as well as to store the existing excavator / dumper / trencher / lawn tractors, etc. There are 3 smaller cellars available. 1 wine cellar, 1 storage cellar and a boiler room. On the entire property, there are about 10 seating accommodations, each with several seats available.


Courtyard with large plane trees, a pond with well, 3 driveways, main entrance with electric motor; the property is mostly fenced in.Outdoor pool (formerly a fountain) surrounded by ancient rose bushes, large flat meadow, park-garden with wooden chalets and seats surrounded by shrubs, next to a large pergola with old deciduous grapevines.4.4 hectares of meadow, forest, garden. There are pastures for about 4 horses with free stall and an indoor box for 2 horses. Parking for up to 12 cars and 1 garage for max. 2-3 vehicles in a row. There is a small pavilion located at the entrance.Possibility to set up a helicopter landing pad / heliport / helipad.

Other information

4 heating systems, 3 oil heating, 1 central wood burning. Walls up to 80 cm thick, sewage in the septic tank of the house. Installation of a small septic tank is in preparation. Security - Alarm and surveillance system with outdoor cameras as well as a caretaker / concierge with dogs.IMPORTANT!! Expansible space reserves at your convenience about 3000 m² inside.The property is suitable for both a representative corporate headquarters as well as a generous private property

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