Here you can put the name of the town, region and closest big city


An introductory text is important to 'place' the house. You explain what kind of house it is, for example a maison de maître, a Perigourdine, a fermette, château or longère. Then add the main selling points and where it is located in relation to the nearest village with bakery and other shops, and nearby towns with more amenities, such as hospitals, schools and transport hubs. This information will soon be at the top of your ad and help it to be found well on Google, if people search 'chateau near Reims' or so.


The description of your offer is like a kind of virtual viewing. You tell what you find floor by floor and room by room. Preferably not with indications like 'left this and right that', but simply as a summary. You can mention special features per room, such as an authentic tiled floor, natural stone chimney or beamed ceilings. But again, not if this applies to all rooms on that floor, because then it becomes repetitive.
If there are other living areas or outbuildings, you can give each one its own paragraph or add them together in one paragraph.


The block for the exterior environment is for a description of the grounds, access, vegetation, terraces and any special features.

Other information

Finally, the block for technical details. Here he puts information about heating, internet, sewerage and possibly also insulation or recent renovations. In other words, the overall state of the house. Do not put any contact details. One of the advantages of Immogo is that I try to filter out estate agents and scammers. Moreover, everyone has to register and log in as a 'buyer' first, which is an extra threshold. This leaves only really interested people. The quality of contacts deteriorates if anyone can just call or mail you.

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