A lower price leads to impressive success including a sale

One of our advertisers had been trying to sell her house for several years. The end of 2011, forced by quite sad circumstances, she decided to reduce its price from 525,000 to 420,000 euros. A really good price for this beautiful villa with a large pool in the Provence. Just below the average for similar property in her region. Ever since she lowered her price, she received a few dozen serious reactions through Immogo. Mostly from people who wanted to visit on short notice. And as it seems, one of these interested clients is now buying her villa, so she can return to her children in the Netherlands.

Lower price, more success
It is no surprise that a lower price enhances the chances for a quick sale. For us however, this success has another important implication. It means that virtually anyone can sell his house through Immogo, provided the price is realistic. According to our click counter, the aforementioned home of 420,000 euros had been viewed more than 3,000 times. It received dozens of inquiries, which led to a successful sale. But there are also houses on Immogo that have had around 20,000 views and zero (none, that is) reactions. Can you imagine? 20.000 people have clicked on the thumbnail to study the offer, yet not a single person has asked more information. All this potential interest did not lead to concrete action or serious requests. House hunters obviously view the offer because the property appeals to them. Yet, they decide not to contact the seller. This can mean only one thing: these houses are too expensive.

How many clicks did you get?
If you have an ad on Immogo and you want to know how many times your ad was viewed, just search for your own house on the site. In the results list you can see how many views each ad received. Does your ad have lots of views but this never led to serious reactions? In that case you might want to think about lowering your price. As you know, prices in France have dropped considerably in recent years, and NOT selling also costs money.

Would you like to go down?
Of course, Immogo wants to sell as many homes as possible. This is our ‘raison d’être’ and only way to make a profit. So we do benefit from a stock of realisticly priced houses. But you want to sell as well! If you seriously want to sell through Immogo, without the 5-8% agency fees, you may want to have a word with a ‘notaire’ in your area. They have excellent insight into the most recent real estate prices. Not comparing your property with houses still on sale, but with houses actually sold! Thus, you may be able to find a price range that turns viewers into visitors and, ultimately, buyers.

Adjust your price yourself
As an advertiser on Immogo you can lower the price of your home or change photos with your ad by logging in and updating it yourself.  You can login here. If you’ve forgotten or misplaced you password, please apply for a new password here. By the way, you can not change the descriptions in the different languages. This we have to do for you. Just send us an email and explain what you like to change, and we’ll take care of it.

What do YOU think?
The combination of many page views and no buyers seems to indicate an overpriced product. And of course the market is slow alltogether. But perhaps you yourself have very different ideas about this. We are always interested in feedback from our advertisers. So do not hesitate to leave your comments below. If you like, add a link to your own ad on Immogo and help your Google ranking.

Good luck selling your property in France!


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