New! Guide for Anyone Wanting to Buy a House in France’

 I wrote a guide especially for people who are looking for a house in France. The booklet has approximately 60 pages and is the ideal introduction to the French housing market. You will find information about the different regions of France, tips on important choices you need to make, insight into the different sources you can consult to find a wide range of properties throughout France, background on the real estate agents, the costs and the best ways to to negotiate, and much more.

The guide is available as Kindle Ebook on Amazon. <- click here!

If you don’t have an ebook reader, you can also order the PDF or EPUB version.
Both can be read on any computer and smartphone. See also this explanation.

If you order the PDF of the colorful book, you will receive as a bonus a text version without illustrations, which you can therefore print out cheaply in black and white to read on paper. Each book contains a complete checklist with questions you want to ask during a viewing. “Better with it than with it,” my mother would say.

You can order a PDF or generic ePub via the following link:

Make a payment of €9.50 (more is also allowed) with the mention
GUIDE PDF‘ of ‘GUIDE EPUB‘ plus you email address.

I will then immediately send you the file by email.

So please also fill in your email address with your payment,
otherwise I don’t know where to send the booklet!

Good luck with your house hunting!


Gregor Hakkenberg from Gaasbeek


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