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When do I have to pay?

You only have to pay for your ad on Immogo if your final buyer found your property on our site.


My house is 600,000 euros. Isn’t 1% - € 6,000 – an awful lot for an ad?

Yes it is, but we work just as hard for someone selling e plot of land for 10.000 euros. And if you are lucky enough to sell through Immogo, you help finance the Immogo system: if we don’t deliver, you don’t have to pay.  It is like playing the lottery. Exept with Immogo, you pay the ticket only after you cash the prize. 

Or you can take the prepaid option. Pay in advance for your ad, get translations for free and let Immogo do the job.


How can you check who bought my house?

If your house was bought by an Immogo visitor, you can just log in, go to the ‘Sold’ page and ask for an invoice. If your buyer came through another site, or through a property agent, we ask of you to sent us proof of your buyers identity. This may be the pages in your Acte Authentique (final deed) that bear the names of yourself and your buyers. Or a special ‘Attestation de Vente’. You can ask your notarie to produce it for you.


I can’t seem to be able to upload my pictures. What is wrong?

There may be several things.  Please have a look at our instruction video to see the upload procedure. Your pictures need to be of a certain type: .jpg, .gif or .png. They can’t be bigger than 5MB each. You can make them smaller with the free program ‘Paint’.


You sent me in an email with a link that doesn’t work

The link is an internet address. If you can’t activate it by clicking, please copy the complete line and paste it into your browser (Internet Explorer, or FireFox, or Google Chrome) navigator field and hit ‘enter’.


My house is not on the right spot on the map

If your house seems to be misplaced on the map, there may be two explanations. The first being that there is a typing error in your postal code. The second is more likely:  To place your house on the map, we don't use your address, but the the centre of the postal code area. Some people show pictures of their valuable furniture. We don't want to make it too easy for uninvited visitors to find the house. If you want to be more precise, for instance to make clear you are close to some attraction,you can use your private blog. Just don't show your exact address information!


Why can't I publish my contact information in the ad?

Immogo works on a No Cure No Pay basis. If a buyer can just call you on the phone, how are we going to know he found you on our site? Immogo has several contact options, so interested parties will have no problem contacting you.


I have difficulty filling the first form. Every time is says 'please fill only numeric information'.

Several fields (rooms, bathrooms, DPE) in the first form in the registration process do not accept any text. Just fill only the amount. Later in the process, you will get the opportunity to fill complete description texts with all the specification that you like.
Please have a look at the tutorial movie HERE.