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I want to sell my house. How does it work?
Publishing and selling your house is quite easy with Immogo. It goes like this:
1: you fill out the forms with your personal details and a description of the property, adding as many pictures as you like. Click on ‘publish’.
2: we see your information coming in, and edit your text to make it Search Engine-friendly.
3. we put your house online
4: someone uses the form with your ad to ask more information
5: you reply, answer any questions and make an appointment for a visit.
6: you sell your house, using the notary public for the paperwork.

The division of the tasks is clear: we make publicity; you play the role of the real estate agent. 

What do I have to do if I find a buyer?
If you sell your house, you contact us to tell us about it, so we can take your ad down. This is a good moment to evaluate the added value of Immogo and pay us a fee for our services. Again it is YOU who decides what you want to pay. Did you get a lot of contacts and good service? You pay us a reasonable fee. Did you even sell your house through Immogo, saving 6% in agency fees? Then you give us a hefty bonus. What is reasonable and what is hefty? That is for YOU to decide.... Pay What You Want!


Immogo, real estate agents and notary public 

Do I still need a real estate agent?
If you want to sell through Immogo, the legal transaction can be entirely organised and carried out by your notaire. He’s the one who can estimate the value of your home, he draws up the preliminary deed and invites all parties for a signing session. He can also organise the obligatory controls: for asbestos, lead, the energy balance and anything else the French government throws at you. So you really don’t need a real estate agent anymore.
If possible, find a notary who speaks English, so you can more easily deal with any Dutch or German buyers, if the need arises.

What should be my asking price?
Immogo is not a real estate agent, notary or construction professional. It’s a press medium, like a newspaper. So we can’t advise you on the worth of your property. Just ask the notary or an ‘Agent Immobilier’. In any case, make your asking price as low as possible, taking into account the 1% for successful advertising, but not counting any agency fees. If your private price on Immogo is lower than the price published elsewhere, you have more chance of selling privately and saving thousands of euros.

Can I also put my house with the real estate agencies?
Yes, of course! Immogo invests in quality and the success of your ad, without any restrictions to you. As a matter of fact, we advise you to also place your property with a couple of agencies, strategically placed in cities around your home. Don’t put all you eggs in the Immogo basket. Unless of course you have all the time in the world and you prefer to try selling directly for a while.

And what if my real estate agent doesn’t agree with Immogo?
It happens. Some real estate agents might get angry if they see your house on Immogo for a lower price than they are asking. Don’t let this intimidate you. You have the right to ask the net price without agency fees if you sell directly to a private party. If the agent wants to add 6% of commission to sell your house, then let him earn them! If he is worth his salt as a professional, he will be able to sell your house before you – a mere amateur – can do it yourself.


Relations between buyer and seller 

The buyer does not speak English. Now what?
In the early stages, you might be able to get by using the online translation tools, like Google translate. These tools make rather literal word-by-word translations. So try to use very simple sentences. The result will still be a bit stilted, but for exchanging information about a house, it’ll do.

And when it gets more serious?
You might consider using a real translator. There are several companies that give independent support in the buying procedure for a reasonable price (1 – 2%). For instance CompromisDeVente.info. Most Dutch and German will understand English. Otherwise you could maybe ask a French-speaking friend to help you out.


Do you have any questions of you own? Please don't hesitate to send us an email.