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Good evening Mr Hakkenberg,
I have just sent you the payment stated on your invoice, by International Payment.  I believe it should reach your Bank within two to three working days. Many thanks for your assistance in presenting my advertisement, it was invaluable.  Good luck in future business transactions.

Irene F.

I can only recommend the use of Immogo to sell a property abroad. The service is cheap, professional and easy to use. We didn’t use another agency and it took me about half an hour to create the ad which was consulted by 1,000 persons during the 6 months between its insertion and the sale of the house. It was all very simple, hassle-free and ... effective, as we found a buyer for our property in France within 2 months. The system is easy to use and the site managers are extremely helpful. All initial contacts are made via the site, so it is quite safe. Don’t hesitate, use IMMOGO, you have very little to lose and a lot to gain! We paid for a one year insertion at a flat rate and there was nothing else to pay afterwards. All you need to do when you have found a buyer is to pass the details to a solicitor in the country where the property is located (in our case in France), and all is taken care of for you. Many thanks to IMMOGO. 
M-F Noel