Pay what you want… does that even work? Well, to be completely honest, not always. Very occasionally it happens that people are unable to access the site, or have lost their password and then become irritated. They have had it with Immogo, blame the site and don’t want to pay anything. That’s allowed.

If Immogo works, Immogo works well

Fortunately, such cases are very rare. Most people are very satisfied and are quite willing to pay a few bucks or even more for good service, a nice presentation of their house in four languages, plus professional advice about the text. And of course placement on Facebook and LinkedIn, resulting in many visits to their advertisement. The happiest customers are of course those who manage to sell their house through Immogo. They then pay no real estate agent commission (6% in France!) and thus save thousands of euros. These customers find it very logical to give Immogo a percentage of the savings as a success bonus.

A satisfied customer pays what he wants

Today I had such a customer who managed to sell his house in France to a private buyer via Immogo in a relatively short time. That customer was happy with that success and felt that he should receive a fair bonus.

Un client paye ce qu'il veut pour la vente de sa maison par Immogo

And that’s how Immogo (website of an income is added up little by little, with good months and lean months, but always as a result of satisfied customers who pay me what they want. It won’t make me rich, but fortunately I also have a real job. And as long as I can contribute to making the French real estate market fairer and more transparent, I will continue with French property advertising based on retrospective valuation: Pay What You Want.


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