Why do people who dream of buying a castle pick France as a hunting ground?

 buy castle france 14th century old castle

The question is: why do people dream of buying a castle go search in France, particularly? The main reason is probably that France has a very large choice. There are hundreds of castles for sale in France, sometimes at surprisingly low prices. They are sold to serve as a home, and more often as chambres d’hôtes or luxury hotels. And sometimes divided into apartments for individual resale. But beware … prices are rising again! After years of bad business and falling house prices, nowadays, more prestigious objects in France, such as castles, are now for sale at a higher price than before. 

Why are foreigners purchasing a castle in France

We see that many more expensive houses (maison de maître) and castles in France are sold to foreigners. In particular, domains over two million are sold to Russians, English, Chinese or people from the oil states. They see real estate in France as a relatively valuable and stable investment, especially in uncertain times with volatile prices for gold, dollars, oil and other commodities. French investors are also increasingly choosing to invest in ‘terres et pierres’, with next to castles also hectares of land or vineyards.

What does a chateau in France cost?

The price for a castle in France differs depending on the region and the state of repair. You can already find a castle or castle-like country house in France from around € 300,000. But a well-maintained castle in a popular area soon comes to a million. And for the more prestigious ‘Châteaux’, wine-growing domains with AOC, the price category is around 5 to 10 million.

What do we call a castle in France?

In France a building is easily called a castle. A pretty large 19th century Maison de Maître in a small village is soon referred to as ‘le Château’. When we speak of a ‘castle’, we think of a large building with lots of towers or fortifications. A nice overview of all castles in France can be found on this page . Of course not all of them are for sale.

France: Buying a house or castle directly from the owner

Are you looking for a castle for sale in France? And do you want to save on real estate costs by doing business directly with the owner? Then go have a look on Immogo, the real estate web site strictly reserved for provate sellers.


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