english buy house in france+ 34% is the number of the day… a number that corresponds to the increase in purchases of real estate in France by British buyers compared to 2016 (Leggett Real Estate). The British, as it turns out, do not seem at all afraid of the imminent Brexit “rupture” with the continent with regard to their investments in French territory.

As a direct consequence of the ever-increasing demand from foreign as wel as French buyers, real estate prices in France are still climbing in the big cities – assuring that an investment in property in France will be an opportunity for <! – more -> added value in the long run. The company ‘Meilleurs Agents’ noted an increase from 1% to more than 5% depending on the city, whether in the provinces or in the capital, with Marseille in lead (5.4%).

In these conditions, with a dynamic and attractive market but also with increasingly high prices, it is more than ever worthwhile to turn to solutions of purchase and sale of real estate among private owners and buyers , in order to avoid unnecessarily augmenting the bill with sometimes prohibitive agency commissions.

It is nonetheless important to present to the purchasers a resolutely professional advertisement of your property, doing it justice, with good pictures and professional translation. This is what Immogo assures with a clear, intuitive and attractive platform, with pricing incomparable with agency rates and a layout far above the clutter of free sites where among the countless ads your personal offer has a hard time to stand out. So, sellers of real estate in France, go ahead! In a few photos and a few clicks, seduce our friends from abroad, already conquered by the country!


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