Selectra helps you set up your energy and internet contracts for free!

Selectra compares energy suppliers, internet providers, mobile operators, insurers and banks to help you reduce your bills. This is all entirely free for you. Of course they get a commission for signing you up, but because they are such a big company, they can negotiate the best prices for you. Selectra is an excellent tool for newcomers to France, but can also help you when you want to re-evaluate the market and switch to cheaper suppliers.

Signup in English

Especially for foreign and Anglophone inhabitants of France, Selectra offers an English inscription form for organizing all your energy and communication needs ands even insurance in one go. You can reach the form through the QR code above. Scan the code with your phone for help setting up your energy and internet contracts for free! Or go to the online form by clicking HERE or on the banner above.

Prepare your info with the old energy bills

For setting up a new contract, Selectra needs some information. It is smart to prepare this before you enter the form. They need your full name, the correct address of the home, the identification numbers of your gas and electricity meters and if possible also the name of the former inhabitants (this might also be someone renting the place). The ID-numbers are on the meters themselves, but also on the invoices. The easiest would be to get a hold of some old invoices form the former user. This way you can be sure to set up contracts for the correct address.




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