How to sell your house on Immogo
with a superb presentation

You’ve decided to place an ad on Immogo. Excellent ideaTo increase our chance of success, please take a moment to read these instructions.

What do we do for you?
We make sure your description is optimised for the net and publish your own online sales presentation with as many photos as you like. Also, we advertise for Immogo to get as many visitors as possible. Any interested parties will contact you directly via the form under your ad.

What do you do?
You are responsible for sending in the best description and pictures you can produce, and for the ‘commercial’ contact with the prospective buyers. You play the role of estate agent: send people additional information and organise any visits to your house. The official part of the buying process (deeds and technical reports etc) you can leave to your notaire without additional costs.

We aim for quality!
One of the unique characteristics of Immogo is that you can publish a complete description plus as many pictures as you like.

Your own 'Owners blog'

On your private advertising page, we give you a blog, which allows you to inform visitors to your page about the local environment, tourist and cultural activities, the state of your garden and any other related information. Registered visitors can actually ask questions on your blog and you can answer them, to continually enrich the content of your advertising space.

A well written description
For the best possible presentation of your property the prospective buyer needs a clear and complete description, with the following elements

1. heading (short, concise and attractive description of your offer)
2. introduction (main features and distances to shops, cities and connections)
3. information per floor (living room, bedrooms, kitchen etc, preferably with m2)
4. property (garden, orchard, pool, out buildings, garage etc.)
5. technical features (heating, insulation, remote controlled gate, irrigation)

The numbers 1. and 2. will be on the ‘front page’. They are important for your ad to be found by the search engines. As people often search geographically (‘manor near Blois’) it is important to list the nearest cities and to use other relevant key words. We will check your text and edit if necessary (without changing the content, of course). Advertising is our job! 

TIP! Write the text in advance on your computer and paste the parts into Immogo's form. Then, should something go wrong with the connection, you won't lose all your work.

Make sure to upload bright and clear pictures to present your house to its full advantage. Include at least one suited for the front page, with an overview of the property. Then as many as you like of the exterior, interior, garden, views etc. But please show only things that are yours for the selling - so no tourist pictures of the lovely landscapes, churches and villages in the area.

An instruction video about managing images on Immogo is on our blog.

Are you ready?
The easiest way to upload details of your house is by preparing a description offline and putting all your pictures in one folder. This will help you filling out the upload form in one go. Still having problems? Not to worry. At Immogo there are real people at the buttons. Just contact us and we'll help you find solutions.

Register and upload details of your house!