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That’s it… you’ve made up your mind: “I want to sell my house privately!” And you are right. Selling without an agency gives you the opportunity to reduce the selling costs by 4%, 5%, 6% or even 7% commission for the real estate agent.

Because even if he tells you that the agency fees are payable by the buyer, this amounts to reducing his purchase budget and makes negotiations more difficult. Also, if you don’t have to add the commission fee to the price published in your real estate ad, you can advertise a lower price.

This way you have a better chance of finding a buyer. Although selling without an agency is more work and requires you to negotiate yourself, 5% on a real estate transaction is still thousands of dollars. Quickly earned when you sell your real estate between individuals.

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Sell Without An Agency On Immogo

At Immogo, we provide sellers and potential buyers with a site of real estate advertisements with many photos per advertisement, very detailed descriptions and even a private blog where the seller can regularly add additional information to ‘energize’ his real estate ad. A site with an average of 50,000 unique visitors and 140,000 page views per month!

Sell my house to strangers

Immogo is an international real estate site. Do you want to sell your house to strangers? Opt for a superb international presentation of your property and add your house on Immogo. Immogo gives you the choice between paying a lump sum for an all-inclusive international advertising pack, or paying nothing in advance and trying to pay only if Immogo succeeds. If this is the case and your buyer finds you on our site, you pay us 1% of the online price. If you find a buyer by another means, your ad remains completely free!

How to find foreign buyers?

Foreign individuals looking for a ‘house for sale in france between individuals’ on search engines in their own language inevitably come across our site. Immogo is a site of Dutch origin which is very well referenced on the different international versions of Google, especially in Belgium ( and the Netherlands ( By publishing your house on Immogo, you greatly increase your chances of finding a Dutch, Belgian, English, German or Swiss buyer. Our international Internet users are looking for small holiday homes, but also large renovated farmhouses, luxury estates and tourist businesses (campsites, bed and breakfasts and lodges).

Selling your house to French people

Are you selling a house that is of particular interest to potential French buyers? Add it anyway on Immogo. About 30% of our thousands of daily visitors are French speakers who find us by searching on! Add your house or other property HERE!

More Information On Sale Between Individuals In France

If you want to sell between individuals, you may be interested in reading our series of articles ‘How to sell my house without an agency’. Stay up to date with the latest news from our private-to-private real estate sales site? Be the first to see the new homes added? Follow us onr TWITTER et FACEBOOK!

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