We wish you a happy and healthy 2021 with hopefully a good sale

Well, how about 2020… Well, at least it was a good year for home sellers in France. We property sales, especially small country houses, increase significantly. After all, during a lockdown, you’re much better off à la campagne than in a city flat. For 2021, we would like to see a completely different theme replace Corona. Although of course we hope the market for home sales will remain positive!

What can you do yourself to increase your chance of selling ?

For example, you can put your house “In the Spotlights” with an ad in the right column of all main pages and search pages, or at the top of the search results for your region. This is done by logging into your Immogo account and clicking on “Advertise”. A position in the spotlights can double the number of visitors to your page!

Free front page? Advertising for your promotion.

If you convince your family or acquaintances to add their home for sale on Immogo, we will feature your own home on the front page for free for 10 weeks. All you have to do is provide the email address of the new advertiser before that person places the ad.

Best price guaranteed.

At Immogo, you pay either a one-off amount for advertising, or a 1% bonus in case of success. This means that with a sale through Immogo, you will save thousands of Euros in agency fees. Take advantage of this opportunity to give yourself a better chance of selling: lower your selling price on our site. If you promise not to put your property cheaper elsewhere, you can also mention this in your ad. Tick “Best price guaranteed” and your ad will get a nice and shiny yellow label in the search results: “Meilleur Prix Garanti”.

Put your house on Facebook !

Apart from that, you can always share your presentation page on Immogo on social media. On Facebook, there are several groups for real estate for sale in France. Like our ‘Immogo’ page and our own group Maisons à vendre, Huizen in Frankrijk, Property in France – Sans Agence !

Sponsored ads on Facebook

Another way of attracting many visitors is a paid advertising campaign on Facebook. We will be happy to help you create it. We will invest our time. You will only pay for the actual advertising costs. We then focus this campaign very specifically on a target group defined by Facebook. With an investment of, say, 100 euros, at 5 to 10 cents per click, you can expect an additional 1,000 to 2,000 visitors for your ad.

Sales not doing too well?

As webmasters of Immogo, we can only try to attract as many visitors as possible. In 2020, there were on average almost 50,000 per month. But the sale of your home also depends on many other aspects. Beautiful photos, a good description, the quality of the house itself and its location, and of course the price. These are all things you can control yourself. The photos and the price you can change after logging in to your account. If you wish to improve the text, we will be happy to help you.


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