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Our visitors are looking for a house in France. They come from different European countries, but especially from Belgium (40%), France (20%) and the Netherlands (17%). In total, there are between 1000 and 1200 unique visitors per day, who look at an average of 3 pages per person.

Note the increase and the fact that around 10% of visitors have already come before. This means that 90% come for the first time.

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Our visitors are ready to spend hundreds of thousands of euros on the purchase of a house. They will also need insurance, loans, a mover, garden tools… On Immogo, you can put your advertisement in three positions. 1. in the left column below the menu. 2. in the right column below the ‘in the spotlight’ houses or below the Google map on the presentation pages. 3. Below all pages. The prices depend on the position, the duration of your contract and the way of payment. Of course, long-term contracts with payment in advance are the cheapest. Are you interested in advertising on Immogo?

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