On these sites, buyers and sellers
can see for themselves what a house is roughly worth.

Pricing a property is difficult if you have no idea what the property is actually worth. This applies to both sellers and buyers. Is the asking price reasonable or does the seller have an unrealistic and optimistic view of the house’s value? If an estate agent is involved, he or she will try to agree on an asking price in line with the market, otherwise he or she will not be able to sell the house. On the other hand, especially at the beginning of the relationship, the estate agent might want to go along with the seller’s optimistic wishes, simply to win the sales contract. With the idea: “Once a few buyers have dropped out, I can make the owner see reason.”

Official statistics and sales figures

Either way, knowledge is power and you would like to know what a realistic price is for the property on offer so that you can use this knowledge in the bidding game. There are several ways to estimate the approximate value of a property without third-party help

You can start by finding out what the average selling price per square metre was of previously sold properties in the immediate area. You can find this information on sites such as:

https://immobilier.statistiques.notaires.fr/prix-immobilier (This one also gives you a range of price/m2 of recent sales in the area)
https://app.dvf.etalab.gouv.fr (the latter doesn’t work on all browsers, so please test it). 

Then multiply the number of square metres of living space of the property on offer by the average selling price and voilà, you have a first price indication. Now, of course, this is nothing but an rough approximation. These averages do not take into account all kinds of features like the surface of the land, sun exposition, quiet area, swimming pool, quality level (refurbished or as good as new). It’s an average for a reason.

Use the sales sites

If you are seriously looking for a huse in France, you have already made a nice list of criteria that your dream home should meet. With that, you can start looking for similar homes in the area, so you can assess the performance level in relation to the price per square metre.

For example, check sales sites like seloger.fr, leboncoin.fr and, of course, www.immogo.com. On Leboncoin (see above) and Seloger, they even conveniently list the price per m2. On Immogo, you have to calculate that yourself. Bear in mind that these sites list asking prices, not selling prices. As a rule of thumb, as a buyer you can deduct about 10 to 15% to get a realistic sales price. Then immediately add another 10%, because you also have to pay the notary!

On the sales site, each house is neatly listed with what is included. This allows you to make an even better comparison with the house you want to sell or buy. Remember: a realistic price and a realistic buying offer mean will expedite the sale.


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