Then give sellers clues to inform you better!

As the owner and webmaster of Immogo, many information requests about property for sale on my site cross my virtual desk every day. Messages from interested parties who use the form in an insert to approach the private seller. In doing so, one thing strikes me every time. Often, these potential buyers ‘blindly’ ask for ‘more information’.

Just imagine. You want to sell your house via Immogo, so you place an ad with a detailed description about your property, its location, the surroundings, the layout, with kitchen, bedrooms and outbuildings, the garden, the swimming pool and the technical details. Along with several dozen photos of inside and outside, plus the view. That is all clearly visible on Immogo.

Then comes an interested buyer who uses the form in the ad to send you this succinct message: “Would like more information.”

But how? You don’t have any more information! Everything is already online! What else does this interested party want to know? What should you answer? It is enough to make you go nuts!

Of course I understand that as a buyer, you want to initiate a contact. But in that case, just say that you are interested and would like to get in touch. And if you are indeed missing information, then please ask specific questions so that the seller can answer them.

This makes a huge difference because it also makes the seller feel more taken seriously. This way, you create an excellent opening towards a relationship that might end in negotiations and possibly a purchase.


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