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  • Type: Huis
  • Woonoppervlak: 295
  • Perceeloppervlak: 2700
  • Slaapkamers: 5
  • Kamers totaal: 10
  • Badkamers: 3
  • Afstand buren in m.: 80
  • Verwarming: Centrale verwarming, Oliestook centrale verwarming, Houtkachels, Anders
  • Dicht bij: Recreatiemeer
  • Gesproken talen: Français, English
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Mooi architecturaal familie huis

Warm evenings

Toegevoegd 07/21/2015 / 0 Reacties

It is lovely sitting on the terrace in the evening. We have had some very very hot days, but there is always some shade either on the deck or the terrace or under the wisteria by the cottage. But the best part is the warm evenings, with a glass of something cold and someone you love.

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Toegevoegd 07/22/2015 / 0 Reacties

I always think about insulation as a winter thing - keeping out the cold and the warm inside the house. But the last few weeks have reminded me that the opposite is equally true. Good Insulation matters just as much in summer.

It has been in the 30's for most of July, reaching 38 in the shade a couple of times, but in the salon our thermometer shows we have a pleasant 26 degrees. A welcome respite!!

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Toegevoegd 07/25/2015 / 0 Reacties

Thursday is market day in Cazes. The market square is thronged with stalls, selling fruit, vegetables and flowers. There is cheese from a producer in the village , fresh eggs and poultry and the fish man.

This is in addition to the local shops, a boulangerie, general store, paper shop, pharmacie,  hairdresser as well as bank, post office, insurance. There is also a doctor, a group of nurses, and a kinetherapist. preety much all you need and within walking distace of home( and its downhill coming back!!)

There are markets in the nearby villages and towns every day, so it is easy to meet up with friends for a chat over a coffee after a leisurely shop



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Tour de France

Toegevoegd 07/26/2015 / 0 Reacties

Well the Tour is over for another year. What will I do with my afternoons?

For those of you that cycle there are many serious looking cyclists on the roads around here. looking at the jerseys the local firms give a lot of support.

There are plenty of different sports to participate in, in the area, even in the commune, with great facilities. Almost across the road there are boule "pitches" which are well used. There are two or three quite big competitions, but apart from the click of the boules we do not know it is happening. I think it is a lovely summer sound. I wander over to watch-it is very serious, matching tee shirts etc, but it always stops for lunch.

Next to the boulodrome, there are two tennis courts.

Further down the road there is the football club - quite a big organisation, with mens,  womens  and childrens teams.

There are golf clubs locally as well as leisure centres with pools as well as wonderful swimming lakes during the summer months just a few klicks away.

For brave people ( in my opinion) there is even a parachute school!

For me there is a wonderful gardening club. More about that later

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