Setting up shop in France – electricity, gas, internet, mobile, broadband, banking and insurance…

Moving to France is great fun, but also somewhat of a hassle. Especially when it comes to organizing all the subscriptions. Which provider offers the best services when it comes to broadband internet? What is the mobile coverage of the different telephone companies in your area?  How can you get a cheap subscription for electricity and gas companies? What is the best French bank en what insurances do you really need? And, with all these contracts and subscriptions… which companies offer the best deals?

Energy and communication contracts France

All these questions are hard enough to answer in your own country. Let alone in France, where the english of the service providers is about as good as your french. And even if you are prety much fluent, you still need to talk about subjects that rarely come up during an apéro with the neighbors. So, how do you manage? Well actually, you don’t have to, because Selectra can take care of it for you, and find the very best energy, communication and financial contracts in France – in quality AND price – at no additional cost to you.

What does it cost to get the best French contracts?

As I just explained… nothing! Selectra gets a small commission from the providers for every client they sign up. And because they work for so many clients, they make a prety decent living. The service of Selectra is making you life easier when you are settling in France. You can leave it up to Selectra to find you the very best deals, while incorporating all your personal preferences and wishes in the selection of the providers.

Find the right information before you sign up

Af you click on the link tot the Selectra subscription form, Selectra will ask you some information. They request you to enter your full name, the address of the home in France, the identification numbers that you find on your gas and electricity meters (or on the invoices the former inhabitants can give you) and if possible also the name of the former inhabitants. Just to make sure the subscriptions are connected to the right address.


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