Welcome to the new version of Immogo!

This new site gives you more tools to manage your own listing, to sell your property on Immogo. 

Let’s start with a login

I have just sent you a link to create a new password. If you use this along with your mail address, you can log in and change texts, manage images, see your statistics and discuss with prospective buyers through a chat system.

A transition to a new system is always difficult. We had to import your account and link it with your listing. Even though we have tested extensively, some things are bound to go wrong.

Please bear with me
So… please bear with me if there are some hick-ups in the display of your listing on Immogo. Here are some possible problems and their solutions:

My ad is online but some things are not correct!

Once logged in, you can go to ‘My Listing’ and change whatever you want.

My listing is (back) online, but it should not be!

It might happen that your archived properties will come back online. You can simply log in, select your listing and click on ‘Remove’. Or you can send an email to info@immogo.com requesting to delete your account. Your listing will disappear and you will never hear from me again.

No, no, no… it won’t work!

Oh dear. Never despair. Please send an email to info@immogo.com and try to explain as precisely as possible what you were trying to do and what went wrong. Use screen shots if you can, to help me define the problem. I will do my best to find a solution quickly.


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

And again… good luck selling your property in France!